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Any punk music fans out there?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2218points) November 21st, 2008

Hey, I’d love to know some of your favorite punk bands! Let’s hear it!!

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I like a little punk like The Hives and Turbonegro, but again that’s more of an alternative genre.

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… Ah, you made me nostalgic for chain smoking, drinking horrible beer that I bought with my horrible fake ID, and listening to punk mixed tapes into the wee hours of the morning with the other social rejects. For some reason I actually kinda miss those days. Anyhoo, I digress

Jeez, so many bands come to mind. Devo, Operation Ivy, Minor Threat, Dead Milkmen, The Descendants, The Clash, The Toy Dolls, just to name a few. As an angst filled teen, I loved how hard and raw punk rock was. As an adult I still have a soft spot for that genre but prefer bands that were influenced by punk music. It seems to me that a lot of bands that were listening to punk as youngsters make similar music that’s a little more creative, refined, and articulate.

…I’m going to stop here because writing this is making me feel like an old lady….

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over here! Linkin Park, Bad Religion, Chemical Romance, Sevendust, Static-X, Stained, Godsmack…have you heard some of these???

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J Church
No Means No
Face to Face
Minor Threat
The Descendants
Pinhead Gunpowder
Scared of Chaka
Bad Religion
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
At The Drive In
The Lillingtons
Hot Water Music

…I will stop now.

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dont know if you’d consider them punk but cheap time, turbo fruits, and JEFF are some pretty good bands out of nashville

they are more punk than many of the bands listed already

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I’m more into Post-Punk bands like:

Gang of Four
The Fall
The Stranglers
A Certain Ratio
The Clash


All bands you should check out.

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Gary Numan and Tubeway Army, Dead Kennedys, Crass, Conflict, Cress, Minor Threat, Christ on a Crutch, Poison Idea, MDC, Antischism, Nausea, Skitsystem, Hiatus, Tragedy, Aspirin Feast, Chicken, Whipped, Masskontrol, Cop on Fire, Deathraid, Gouka, State of Fear, Assuck, Word Salad, Hate x 9, Spazz, Noothgrush, and many, many more.

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Some of my favourites are:

Leftover Crack
Choking Victim
Toy Dolls

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Mine are the descendents, Social D, NOFX, Rancid, Opp Ivy, DK, Minor Threat, Misfits, Fugazi, Propaghandi, Tilt, Discount, Towers of Hanoi, Hot Water, Dropkick, old Bouncing Souls, old AFI, against me, Screeching Weasels, and then a lot of obscure stuff. I don’t listen to it much anymore but I do go to shows when they come.

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I didn’t realize there were any other Turbonegro fans out there. Awesome. The documentary on the band is genius. It’s what made me start listening to the album.

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What documentary? i haven’t seen that one, you have the name of it? I’ve read the book about them tho. I really love them and a lot of my friends have. Have you ever seen them live? They are great!! What album were you thinking of?

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Love the Ass Cobra!

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The album I have starts off with
So you think you’ve had a tasty pizza…. well not like this

I looked at amazon and none of the names or cover pictures jump out at me. I think it’s a pretty old album. It might be Apocalypse Dudes. Those song names look familiar but the cover is different. Maybe it’s an import? I’m not sure.
(I didn’t realize they had so many albums)

I can’t remember the exact name of the album.

I’ve never seen them live and I might just be thinking of “Turbonegro: The Movie”. I tried to google it and couldn’t find anything that looks exactly like what I saw. It was a dubbed VHS with no label when I got it.

There’s one scene where the lead singer guy puts one of those flaming roman candle things in his bum while they’re doing a show. There’s some fantastic stuff in there.

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That’s Apocalypse Dudes, and the song is The Age of Pamparius. It’s their big hit album. It’s really great :) This is the proper cover

yeah, that was a famous stunt they did before they got popular worldwide. He never actually put it in “there” tho, but it’s still pretty badass :p It’s nothing compared to their early ages tho where they actually kicked the audience in the head. And literally pissed on them during shows! I’m not sure if the book is translated into English, but if it is, it’s definitely worth reading!

Oh, and forrestGeek. Ass Cobra is also great, I Got Erection is one of the most famous chants i can come up with!

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I’ll look out for the books. Thanks for the tip.

I Got Erection might be one of the most ingenious songs of all time.

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The Fugs

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Whoa! Thanks everybody! Ready to get my groove on! ;o)

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flatfoot 56, street dogs, misfits, rancid, lars frederikson and the bastards, dropkick murphys, nofx, joe strummer, nekromantix, fminus, casualties, the ramones, tsunami bomb. i’m not really sure what counts and what doesn’t haha.

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Ok I saw no Misfits, no Murderdolls, no Cramps and no GG Allin. GG is beyond legendary in the punk world, he was the messiah of punk music!

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The Germs, Black Flag, Negative Approach, Crucifix, Crass, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, X-Ray-Spex, SSD, DYS, Verbal Assault, Blast!, Born Again$t, Rorschach, Heroin, Infest, No For an Answer, Youth of Today, Judge, Misfits (when Danzig was on vocals), Circle Jerks, Agnostic Front (old), Sick of it All (old), Nausea, Dead Kennedy’s, 25 ta Life (old), Man is the Bastard, Brotherhood, Torches to Rome, Seein’ Red, Bikini Kill, Downcast, Stiff Little Fingers, Oi Polloi, Sham 69, Angelic Upstarts, The Damned, The Ramones, Youth Brigade, Still Life, Inside Out, Assfactor 4, Cro-Mags (old), The Abused, Cause for Alarm, Mineral, Cap’n Jazz, Christie Front Drive, Against the Wall and many, many more.

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@forestGeek You know I know what’s up ;). You had great stuff as well – nice mix of classic socio-political stuff as well as powerviolence like Spazz. Do you have many Slap-a-Ham releases? I can’t recall the dude’s name, but if I remember right he used to put on powerviolence fests in the Bay Area some years back (was it Chris Dodge? name suddenly came to me). I always wanted to get my hands on that comp he did…“Bleeargh” or whatever it was called. A lot of the stuff on your list sounds like Profane Existence-style stuff…or maybe that Code 13 label?

PS – for the life of me I can’t remember if it was Christ on a Crutch or Christ on Parade that I saw play around 1990, but I recall they were all a bit older ad the singer had cowboy boots…that blew my mind…do you know which one I’m talking about?

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Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of Slap-a-Ham stuff, including that Bleargh comp. I’ve got some crazy 5” records they put out with Spazz and the Melvins. Good stuff!! My record label/distro did a trade with him once and his stuff sold quick.

I think both bands were older than most in the scene back then, but I definitely could see the singer of COAC wearing cowboy boots. COAC blew my mind ever time I saw them…they are one of my all-time faves for sure. If you don’t have their Spread Your Filth LP, you should track it down, or get that double LP they put out on New Red Archives.

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