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How many digital iamges in the internet?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) November 21st, 2008

I am talking about all images taken by cameras by people

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I think that’s impossible to answer. A lot of the internet is behind a pay-firewall or other types of firewalls (such as password protecting in Flickr), so the definition of “Internet” is one factor. Another is, does video count as images, as video technically is a number of images per second, and there do exist many pictures that are simply screenshots of a youtube video. A third factor is knowing that you cannot identify unique images, so your final number will contain X% of duplicate images, which can affect the interpretation. A fourth is file types, and then consider duplicate files in different file types. A fifth is the interpretation of your phrase, “all images taken by cameras by people” – I argue that the UK’s numerous security cameras and webcams, count because the camera were made by people, and often have a person manning or watching.

Even if you were able to narrow your definition enough though, there’s simply no real way to count the images. Google has indexed the most web content in the world and even THAT’s just a small slice of the pie. The internet changes so often, servers die and are plugged in for the first time, there’s no way that any number would have any relevence. My best guess would be to say billions.

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I would imagine that it changes by the second.

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