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When you're on line at a store and you have 10+ items, and you notice that the person behind you has only one item, do you let that person "cut" you?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) November 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I was at the grocery store last night picking up some cups for my daughter. The guy on line in front of me had many items, and I expected that he would let me cut him, being that I only had a package of cups. He didn’t, which was fine. I, however, would have let one with only one item. When talking a noticable disparity in item quantity, would you let someone have your spot?

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Do you mean cut in front of you in the line? If so, always. However, I would not be happy to let a person cut me.

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Usually. If it’s a normal line I would. But if it’s one of those lines I’ve been waiting on for what seems like an eternity, then it’s each man (woman) to him or her self.

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Yes, I offer to let them go ahead of me in line.

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Yes, cut in front of you. I’m not talking taking out a knife and slashing someone, I’m just talking letting someone line jump.

@SuperMouse, don’t make fun of my use of “on line” as opposed to “in line.”

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If a person has way fewer items than me I let that person cut as a rule.

Mouse biters her lip and posts an answer.

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Always. I love when this happens to me. It proves that there is still some humanity in the world.

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I do, and usually they end up paying with a check and trying to use 5 coupons on the one item, or better yet it ends up being a return.

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Several people have let me cut in line at the store on different occasions when I’ve had very few items to purchase. I always appreciate courtesy and kindness in people like that and I would certainly do the same for all of them in similar circumstances, each and every time.

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I do sometimes, but honestly, I will let a senior in front of me more often than not. It just really depends on how much time I have on my hands too, I like to be polite like that, plus, Karma can be a real butt.

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For me it doesn’t really depend so much on number of items as readiness to pay and go, i.e. if that person behind me had their money in their hand and brought their own bag, then I’d let them go ahead of me.
However, I usually get my bags and money out while queuing too, so if the person behind me didn’t I’d figure I’ll be quick enough going through and they can use that time to get ready – or not, but that’s their choice

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Usually people respect the line limits (very rarely does a person with a cartful head to the 1–8 item lane). I would never expect anyone to let me in ahead of them no matter how many items I had. We also have a lot of self-checkout registers in our grocery stores, so unless there are some REALLY long lines it’s very rare to see this happen.

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I do, if I notice. Often I am oblivious to what is happening around me!

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I do. And often times the people are shocked that someone would do that – which leads me to believe that they wouldn’t have done it. So, if they think about that the next time, then paying it forward isn’t so bad.

What I don’t like is when there is a long line and they open a new register and I was the next person and they say “Next person in line!” and the bozo behind me runs to it. That is not cool.

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Sure I will.

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of course

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it’s like a ‘good deed of the day’ freebie

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I guess it depends if I notice them, if I’m in a hurry or if you have the screaming kids with you. I’d answer no if any of those were the case but if i could then I should like to show a little grace to someone, yes.

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Depends on who it is. For example: a cute girl or helpless looking old lady I would let them go in front of me and would at least offer a helping hand, however if it was an old man, young man, ugly man, big man, fat man, ugly woman, etc. then NO WAY

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@mickdundee: What in the world would make you behave cruelly or thoughtlessly to someone older just because he/was was ugly, big, fat, or an ugly male.

I hope that when you age, you are thin, gorgeous, healthy and in need of no assistance. Try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. And be sure not to break a leg, ankle, hips,kull or other big bone.

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edit: skull

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