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Microwaveable desserts?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2213points) November 22nd, 2008

Does anyone know of some simple, easy desserts you can make from scratch and then cook in the microwave? Thanks!

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A melted icecream ! I have this taste for partially melted ice cream.

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There are a few puddings and cakes you can make, but I do not know the recipes off-hand. Try looking up something on a site such as recipezaar or similar.

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@mea05key: This reminds me of a story. My good friend had very old, traditional grandparents, and one day, her grandma died. After a while, Grandpa decided he had to start doing some things for himself that Grandma used to do, like cooking.

Well, what he knew of cooking was that you take something out of the freezer, and you put it in the microwave. At least, that’s what he was vaguely aware of Grandma doing for many years. So he got the ice cream out and put it in the microwave for oh, five or ten minutes…

He’s learned since then, but I bet he still misses Grandma’s touch in the kitchen.

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@gailcalled- Thank you!!

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Honestly my one weak point. I’m surprised I haven’t set my microwave on fire experimenting.

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