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Do you tip a petsitter?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) August 27th, 2007

And if so, how much or what percentage?

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Yes, if they provide good service to you and your pet, I believe you should tip them. I would tip them 20%...but then, again I always tip for anything 20%.

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Absolutely! I am a pet-sitter, & I go out of my way to adjust my schedule & provide special services (laundry, plant care,running errands, poop pick-up, gardening) for clients that tip well. A trusted pet-sitter is worth a lot.

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Thanks Ma-goo. What is a good percentage? I was planning on my typical 20%, like mzgator said. Also, have you ever worked for a pet sitter service? I’m wondering if the company will distribute the tip among the actual sitters if I just include it in the check for the service.

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I own & run a pet sitting business. Tips are not nessacary but certainly appreciated! Most of our clients tip us or leave a small gift on holidays. I always give the entiire tip to the sitter who provided care for the clients pets or split it amoungst them if more than one person did the visits. 20% is generous! Most pet sitters really go out of their way to provide excellent care!

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I’ve dont some pet-sitting, im not professional or anything, but I would be very surprised if I received a tip, albeit it would be a pleasant surprise. I don’t feel offended or anything when I don’t get tipped, and 20% sounds pretty generous, I might go a little lower, like 15.

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I would absolutely go with 20%, especially if they did a great job.

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Do you pet a tipsitter?

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When I used a petsitter over the past year, I ended up tipping them about 15%.

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Yes, if they were good! Show your appreciation to them for taking care of your extended family loved one!

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