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Missing iChat on a MacBook?

Asked by coquilicot (152points) November 24th, 2008

Why would standard, undownloadable software be missing from this MacBook? Anyone have any clues on why, or how to fix it?

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If it was moved out of its proper place in Applications, you can find it and put it back.

If it was accidentally deleted, you can reinstall it via Custom Install from your OS X install disc.

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I was suffering from this problem for a while… attempted to use other discs I had laying around because I couldn’t find my MacBook ones.. tried MBP and iMac discs and of course they didn’t work.. so I turned on file sharing and moved it from one of my imacs to my macbook straight out of the applications folder.. worked like a gem… i had to do it on the macbook due to some privilege restrictions after first trying it the other way.. but it worked fine that way. hope this helps… if you don’t have another mac.. find a friend! =)

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