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What's the best route from Orange County to San Francisco?

Asked by nikipedia (28080points) November 25th, 2008

…if you’re leaving at 3pm the day before Thanksgiving? Is there a good way to avoid LA traffic or should we barrel through on the 5?

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I’d say the 5. Enjoy your music!

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Go with The 5.

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The 5 is fastest. The 101 is a much nicer drive, but it takes forever. I usually take the 5 to Pacheco Pass (152 Gilroy) to the 101. If you go that way you can stop at Casa De Fruta, where the cup flipper used to perform.
Have a nice trip, be safe :)

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Just don’t stop anywhere near Harris Ranch!

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The 5 is faster, but has fewer amenities and gas stations. The 101 is more scenic, but becomes a parking lot as it passes through coastal towns.

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or roll down the windows, am I right tinyfaery?

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Go North… Turn left… If you hit water you went to far….

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We used to go straight up the 101.

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