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If you had an extra room in your home, what would you do with it, barring any financial restrictions?

Asked by eatmunky (358points) November 26th, 2008

If you could make a room in your home into anything, either practical, fun, or even fantastic, what would you make that room into? What would you put in there? I’m trying to get ideas for an extra room I have. :D but I’d also like to hear the crazy ideas. Anything you can think of, no matter how out there!

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I would either throw ALL my shit in there and make it a junk room

Or I would turn it into an entertainment room (pool table, huge t.v., video game consoles, etc).

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I would have an attic with a big round window, and a stream running down the middle of the room that you could go paddling in and a mini artificial beach next to it, and an assortment of 60s candy dispensers and a 60s coffee dispenser. I would also have a shaft going down to the bottom floor with a mine I could dig down and build a big underground cavern.

That would be so cool.

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I’d love to have a library/chill out room with a huge fish tank down one wall and bookshelves covering all the other walls. Throw in a few comfy chairs, some moody lighting and perhaps a fireplace if the room were large enough.

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It would be my little sanctuary where I would put my computer and a comfy chair to sit in when I want to read. damien’s idea of a fish tank is a good one. I would keep the things that say “this is me” in it, and would go there to leave the rest of the world behind and relax. If there was room enough, I’d add a futon or a window seat and a bunch of pillows too.

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I would try to keep it free of all junk and instead have a real, honest-to-goodness guest room. That would be pretty radical in our crowded house.

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Bathroom. My house is really old, and all the pipes are screwed up. The toilets don’t flush properly and you have to wait 5 minutes to flush a second time. The showers feel “different”...I can’t describe it. The water is “spikier” in the faucet.

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Are we allowed to put people in this room? I’d have a buddy move in.

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I had a room in my house and junk covered the floor up to my knees. We got it cleaned out 5 years ago and got a 60 inch tv with surround sound and a 200 watt subwoofer xD haha it makes the house shake. But if I had another room like that I’d try and convince my parents to make it a weight room >_>

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I’d take the room and knock out the wall that divides it from my kitchen, expanding forth in a kind of manifest destiny all the way to the dining area. Srsly, the kitchen is so small that if someone needs to walk through it (to get to the basement), the person cooking has to leave the room.

That said, I’d make a nice marble island in there, more cupboards, a huge pantry…

…I think I need to be alone for a while. ;)

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I would build the biggest mini-ramp that would fit in the room. Then I could skate in my house . I would never have to leave my house again. Its good skater etiquette to bring a ramp owner some beer for sharing a skate session. A ramp in the house could potentially pay for itself in beer. (mini-ramp=short halfpipe)

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Sewing room. A wall of open shelves for storing everything, special fixtures to hold bolts of fabric easily, many tables with one purpose each, ah that would be nice indeed.

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I’d turn it into a gym – right now, we have to use the equipment (treadmill, weight machine, etc) in the garage. Hot in the summer, frozen in the winter. Meh.

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Nothing but pillows and condoms.

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I’m with Zack, I would turn it into a bathroom. It would have a huge spa tub, a nice roomy shower with lots of sprayers.

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Jacuzzi, grill, tiki torches and mini-fridge and you’ve got an indoor barbecue! No more getting rained out.

Honestly I’d just make it an office but we all know that’s lame.

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Real Answer? I would tear down the wall leading into the house-way, I would then replace it with a very large firehouse like door. I would place very large beams of Titanium across that door, then I would weld in hydraulic locks. All of which would only be active or deactivate with my voice. It would then become my writing\fluther\sleeping room.

Fantasy Answer? I would be filled with light tables, easily 2,000,000$ worth of screens, tables, lenses, development equipment and a Mac Desktop worth no less then 20,000$ All for my photography. I would also have a studio area, so I can finally do professional portraits.

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Pillow and condoms!!?! Holy shit!!!!! Come on Spargett…....well OK.

I would park my Triumph Speedmaster in there, keep it out of the cold garage and put my Mustang 350 GT back in the garage. Never enough room!

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@supermouse: or better yet, a massage room/gym!! :D

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I’d make a big butler’s pantry, with places to store glasses, crystal, tablecloths, serving dishes, coffee urn, and all the appliances that don’t get a regular usage, like the electric tea kettle and the food processor, or crock pot, but I still like to have handy. It would include space for a home office.

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Electric Tea Kettle? I have Never heard of one of those before! I must own it for no other reason then to say I own one! Brilliant!

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I have an old Russell Hobbs electric kettle that I bought at Marks & Spencer in Montreal about 20 yikes! years ago, that still works like a dream. Here’s a snappy number from Macy’s. Although I do have to swear by the reliability of the Russell Hobbs.

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We had one extra room in our house…it was the ‘junk room’. I am in the process of turning it in to a ‘man room’ for my husband. I’ve already got the big comfy suede-ish chair, an oriental rug, a media stand, and the flat-screen TV to move into it when the walls are finished. It will accomodate his gaming systems, and all the knives and swords he’s collected over the years. One wall will still be a storage area, but it will be curtained off from the rest of the room.

If I had another room, I’d add a bathroom to our 1 bath house.
If I had yet another room, I’d turn it into a studio for me that would accomodate wood working, art projects, crafting and writing.

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I’d make a dance studio (assuming it’s big enough).

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@eatmunky, can I have two rooms please? I’d like to have a guest room and a place to stow the junk.

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I have two extra rooms. One room I turned into my dream dressing room – shelving for shoes and bags, clothes racks and hot pink bathroom! It’s my dream come true. The other room is a guest bedroom.

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A radio amateur ham shack would be nice, with sound proofing and suitable power available. It would make the current trips across the back yard more enjoyable in either the Winter or heat of Summer. Besides, my xyl would like me to be closer, if needed!

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I got another idea. A tanning room. It could be a giant UV room with hammocks and you lie down and look great in the process.

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I want a game room like elchoo. With a ton of tables and pinball machines. Billiards, air hockey, skee ball, pinball… I think I’m most excited about the air hockey table. One of these days I’ll have one. Mark my word.

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@mac- Sounds like fun! Ham radio… Always wanted to get into that.

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I would make a upside down room. What would usually be a shandelier would become a table, and the ceiling would be covered in carpet. The ceiling would resemble a living room wiht a china cabnit, fireplace, family photo, a fake cat in front of the fire place, a grandfather clock. All of these things would be crafted out of thin wood and such so it would be easy for hanging. The tv would be hidden behind one of the walls si as not to discredit the upside down room. This idea would be a lot more understandable if I had the picture to show you. Yes I have sketched this before.

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My answer is the same as Trances’. ahhhhhh the wonders of DMT

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I like damien’s answer. I’d have a huge personal library… like the one in Beauty and the Beast :P

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I’ve always fantasized having vines all over the ceiling, and sloths that live up there. and some kind of water thing, like a stream or a pond. and lots of recording stuff.

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OMG: Sauna.
I officially rescind the office answer.

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I want to make my covered patio into a real room with a spa and exercise section.

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Oh, lord. This question was asked in November 2008. It is now April 29, 2009 and I still haven’t finished the man room! It’s almost done, but not quite. :(

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Update: All the furniture is moved in, and my husband loves the room. I still need to do a bit of touch up painting, and install some trim on the wood paneled wall, but that’s it!

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@augustlan thank you for the update. ***YAY***

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