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How do I install RAM in my laptop?

Asked by brownlemur (4086points) August 28th, 2007

I have the right kind of RAM chip (?) already, but now what do I do? I heard that I shouldn’t be standing on a rug because the static electricity could really mess up the insides of my computer. Anything else I should know?

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Some points to consider:

1) you’ll want to make sure you ground yourself some how – i.e. not standing on the rug would be a good start. You could get a wriststrap, or just make sure to touch something metal first to discharge your static electricity.

2) You’ll want to know what configuration your laptop already is using for RAM. I.E. – is the more accessible slot on the bottom already occupied? Will I have to put more RAM under the keyboard inside the chassis? If you have a Dell (or laptop from one of the other big manufacturers) you can find guides on their site for how to install RAM.

3) Sometimes if you are trying to install RAM to the non-easily accessible slot on your laptop, it will void your warranty.

I guess overall, I’d start with looking at the manufacturer’s website. I have a dell and have installed new RAM in it (albeit, the easily accessible slot) by reading through model-specific guides on their website).

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Thanks webarnold, it’s a Fujitsu lifebook 4220 tablet. I asked Fujitsu and they said it would not void my warranty, so that’s a plus.

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If you check here and know your model number, you may be able to find a guide for your tablet pc.

Do you like that tablet? Just curious.

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It is actually shipping to me this week, but I’ll let you know if I like it or not when it comes. I decided to get more RAM because the OS is Microsoft Vista Business, which needs at least 1GB of RAM to run at a decent rate. So I’m going for 2GB.

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