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Why do we always have to put the seat down for you?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) November 27th, 2008

I’m sick of it. Why do we as men get bitched at for leaving the toilet seat up? You dont put the seat up for us after your done, why should we have to put it down for you?

And i dont want to hear that late at night excuse, about falling into the toilet. LOOK FIRST! We dont just walk into the bathroom and piss everywhere. We check if the seats up or not, then proceed to do our business.

So WHY WHY WHY must we put the seat down for you women?

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For real. Its your own personal responsibility whether you are man or woman. Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self. I dont even pee standing up.

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The ‘default’ position is not only seat down, but lid down as well. CLOSE it after you OPEN it!

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It’s all mathematics, uber.
Women need the seat down 100% of the time. Men need it down about 80% of the time (according to uber). That’s like what… 60% of the time that anyone, male or female, would need it up.

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Because they are meant to be down, the option to lift the seat are only because women allow men to have the option of picking up the seat. If toilets were meant to be up they would never have made them with the seats in the first place.

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@allie so your saying that you as women have decided that men have to deal with moving the seat up and down every time because something they we were born with?

@augustlan if it was CLOSED i wouldnt have a problem. But how it is in my home and im sure plenty others its just seat, but still open.

@aisyna “women allow men to have the option of picking up the seat.” You allow us? Gee thanks.

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uber: Yes, I am. We have to deal with things we were born with (Aunt Flo and the like) and you have to as well. Sorry.

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But we arent causeing you to deal with Aunt Flo.
me thinks your just taking it out on us men :P

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It’s not our fault you have the parts you have. You want what we’ve got instead? ;-)

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For a fee that can be arranged.

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And we aren’t causing you to pee standing up. =P

I think guys should do it
out of courtesy.

Honestly, it’s no big deal if guys don’t do it. Ladies shouldn’t flip out over it. But it’d be really great if guys would recognize that since they are the ones who desire the toilet seat up, and since girls are the ones who desire the toilet seat down, and since toilet seat down is the more common position, and since moving the toilet seat from up to down (and vice versa) is a disgusting enterprise, and since guys are the ones moving the toilet seat up and down to begin with… Uh… Well… Wow. Where was this sentence going? I give up.

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Fine! I’ll just leave the seat down ALWAYS and if I get piss on the seat TOO BAD.

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it’s a huge pet peeve of mine actually, to shut the lid before I flush…for some reason, I can just imagine the toilet spewing up all kinds of bacteria, and it slowly falls back down onto my toothbrush sitting nearby in the holder on the counter top.

the idea of someone using my bathroom, and then not shutting the lid bothers me, but I never will say it to them.

I’ve also learned to go number 1 sitting down…ever since basic training when we had to keep the bathrooms really clean, we all decided it would be best to sit down so we don’t pee on the toilet rims or anything. I just never made the transition back to standing up, unless I’m out at a club or bar.

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At the risk of disgusting the entire collective, here’s my reasoning:
– When women go for a #1 or #2, the seat should preferably be down
– When men go for a #2, the seat should preferably be down
– This leaves only men’s #1 as a function requiring the seat to be up.
=> Option A (leaving seat down) addresses the requirements of 3 out of 4 potential uses, while option B (leaving seat up) only addresses the requirements of 1 out of 4 potential uses, therefore, it makes sense for optimal readiness, to – all things being equal – leave the seat down between visits.

and as for the remark about stumbling in to the bathroom and pissing everywhere…..that doesn’t always hold true…...unfortunately, there are times I’ve noticed (I’ll spare you the details) a prior visitor ‘missed the mark’

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WF: I can back you up with the math.. (see my first answer).

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This question could go under the heading: Things Lesbians Never Argue About

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I think the lid should be down as well, and not just the seat. It looks better. :)

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Nobody really likes to look at the underside of the toilet seat, or the rim of the
opened-up toilet, for reasons we can all agree on.

If a guy must piss standing in order to prove he’s a guy, the nicest thing he could do next would be to lift the seat, piss, take the handy toilet-cleaning supplies left somewhere around the toilet, and scrub it till it sparkles.
Then leave the lid up proudly.

Barring such behavior, women would rather pretend they don’t know how filthy it is right under where they have to sit. We really aren’t afraid of falling into that hell. We’re just afraid of seeing it.

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I am so glad me and my male partner don’t have this problem, as he doesn’t like standing to pee. I never put down the lid, I’m not concerned about the minimal spray coming from the flushing water. Did you see the Mythbusters test where they were finding out whether keeping one’s toothbrush on the tank, versus put away in a drawer, would mean the toothbrush would be dirty? Spoiler: Even the toothbrushes stored in their OFFICES had e.coli bacteria on them. There was no discernible difference between the different location brushes, and the expert confirmed that one cannot truly avoid bacteria. That’s what hand washing is for.

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I bought This toilet seat. Solved my problems

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my link didn’t seem to work. directly it’s
Oh, but mine has an automatic closer. Looks like the demo doesn’t.

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Because it makes the women you live with happier. And if that woman is a wife or girlfriend, that could lead to more nookie.

Seat down = more nookie = everyone wins.

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As one who has fallen into the toilet in the middle of the night….uh, please take pity and drop the seat. It is most unpleasant and disquieting, I ass -ure you…...

Thank you for your seat dropping effort, on behalf of bare bottomed women everywhere.

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I always close the toilet, not just the seat. Because of all the fecal matter when I flush. It can spray across the bathroom and get on your toothbrushes. No thanks.

Mythbusters for the win

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The toilets at my university are THE WORST for spraying water while flushing. It disgusts me, especially because there is no lid. You have to stand there and let the wonderful toilet water splash all over your body. I’m usually pressed up to the door to avoid the spray. Guh-ross…

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i guess cuz girls hafta sit no matter what and we can stand,and its cold for them and not cushiony enough.

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You put it up, you put it down. Simple.

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Sometimes I use those seats in public bathrooms that have a portion of the seat cut off. I just aim for the middle. And why don’t we just do this

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Why is that seat bright orange? I hope that’s not some sort of heat sensing seat..

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i just google image’d it and took the first picture i saw. im not sure why its orange

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Because it’s HAWT.

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When the seat and the LID is down it looks much more appropriate and neat. So actually in reality woman should remember putting down the lid, just as men should remember to put down the seat so as to with putting down the lid.

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That sounds fair, Trance. Seat and lid should always be down when the toilet is not in use. That’s actually how it is in my house, but not for that reason. The cat, Sophie, likes to drink out of the toilet. She plays fetch too and loves belly rubs. Sometimes I swear she’s a dog…

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@allie my cat is the same way…he really does act like a dog.

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One of my cats, too. That is actually why I started putting the lid down.

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@Allie yea my cat does the same exact thing. Plus he is just crazy. We actually are not sure if he even thinks he is a dog…maybe an alien. Not sure.

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