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Today is my 21st birthday. What kind of drinks should I get tonight?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) August 29th, 2007
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Happy 21st!

Well, is this your first time consuming alcohol? If not, Bloody Mary is good drink to start the evening. Stay away from Jagermeister, that’s liquid evil. Drink LOTS of water.

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Happy Birthday!

Order only the drinks that come with a designated driver.

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Happy birthday! GothGirl raises a good point, if it is your first time drinking, take it easy and have some drinks like rum and coke, screwdrivers, or gin and tonic (my personal favorite). If it is your first time drinking, I’d stay away from too many shots…

However, if you are not a stranger to drinking, then I’d put forth the Jager-bomb, irish car bomb, three wise men, and possibly a black and tan (mmmmm….good beer).

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And remember—it’s your 21st birthday—Show your ID as evidence and you should be able to get some free drinks out of it!

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They key to a happy birthday is portion control. The problem with a lot of mixed drinks is that you don’t realize how much alcohol your getting until it’s too late. Try to avoid overly sweet, frozen fruit and combination drinks. Stick to drinks made with one type of alcohol and a non-sweetened mixer as some of the above suggestions (gin/vodka & tonic, whiskey & soda) or straight up (avoid shots because they’re too quick). Always go on the rocks (with ice) as this helps with portion control and if you take your time, like you should, you also get a little water. Or you could get crazy and just drink a couple of beers.
Whatever you choose to drink the key to not embarrassing yourself is to pace yourself to no more than one drink per hour and drink at least 8oz of water for every drink you have. If your drinking over a prolonged period of time make sure you eat something. Resist the urge or pressure to do some stupid drinking antic. I used to bartend and I’ve seen plenty of party girls and boys live to regret the next day because they didn’t head this advice. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to embarrass yourself in the future, there’s no need to ruin a perfectly good 21st B-Day.

Have a good time and be safe.

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omg, do not mix all of the above drinks. puking is not that cute. i suggest either cocktails or beer, and nothing too syrupy-sweet… that will make you super sick. and ditto on the water.

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Go for a Mule Kicker! You’ll only turn 21 once

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CHAMPAGNE – always perfect for a celebration and fun to share. Happy Birthday!

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Champagne is poison. Especially after drinking anything before it.

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I say drink it all. You are supposed to puke on your 21st.

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The kind were some kind, sober friend is driving!
No really, get something with a fair amount of vitamin C in it and don’t drink so many you get sick.
You don’t want to wake up wishing you won’t live to 22!

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Baby Guiness—half a shot of Tia Maria or Kahlua with half a shot of Bailey’s on top.

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Happy birthday and welcome to adulthood. I second the vote for cocktails or beer but would not recommend cocktails AND beer or any mixing at all.

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Happy belated birthday, on my 21st birthday I bought my mom a bottle of champage I was so mad when they did not ask for ID.

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A very dangerous practice has become common in recent years: consuming 21 alcoholic drinks within a short period after a person turns 21 years of age.

No one should ever under any circumstances consume 21 drinks within a short period. This can easily cause alcohol poisoning and death.

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