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If you were given a ship, what would you name it?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) November 29th, 2008
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It’s my dog’s nickname.

Or The Elysian. (Also known as Elysium or Ialu.)

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Stabin Cabin

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The SS Family.

My family name initials are SS, and it works perfectly since SS is a universal prefix for ship names.

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The “S.S. Essess”

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The Princess Jam

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SS Sweaty Water Coffin

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SS More Powerful than Superman, Spiderman, and the Incredible Hulk Combined

i should stop answering this question now :P

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SS Fluther. I hate to beg, but would someone give me a great answer here? I have 666 points!

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My husband got an airplane and I call her “the Mistress.”

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Toohey after the character in the book The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

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SS Body-Dumper if it is a sea ship,


The SS Black-Hole Magnet: Registration: NC-Z17666, if it is a starship.

And I really mean those names, save for the registration.

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Cocktails and Dreams
from the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise

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S.S. Wadsworth
The James Bond
S.S. Maple Leafs (hockey team)
It’s a kind of a shit(from The Drowsy Chaperone)
The High Ball Express
British Pride
Canadian Pride

More to come…

@uber:that was a funny Family Guy episode

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I would name it “WTF”

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Betty Lou or Verna Mae. They are both my late grandmothers.

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I have high hopes of
Having a yacht someday. The boat name
Will be: Compensation Station.

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SS Aecinahcus
Hint: <–

Edit: I’m not even sure how to say this.

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Lololol @Allie
I’m laughing so hard.

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Glad you liked that. =]

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I don’t get it… am I missing something?

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I have a tendency to be a dyslexic sometimes. Literally took me five seconds to get it.

But the question is, is it true?lmao

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XD, now I get it!

I originally thought that the arrow was referring to her avatar, which made no sense

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chelseababyy: I like to think it’s true. ;-)
aanuszek1: I guess I should have written “right to left” for the hint. Oops.

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@Allie, then it probably is :D

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I was thinking aout this question and knowing what happens with boats, I think I would call it “Costly Gift”

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Or maybe “The SS S.L.S. (Sinks Like Stone.)”

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Witchey-poo or Witchie-poo or Witchipoo… not sure how to spell it yet.

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Bad Hat Harry (from Jaws)

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The Red October (that one’s a keeper)

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@judi-what kind of plane?

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—a Lancair IV. Her built it.

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I mean’t He built it, but I didn’tnotice in time to edit it, although my daughter did help him.

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nice. My wives family has a Cherokee six.

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S.S. 90’s WOOOO

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