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For anyone else who doesn’t know what this is.
I had never heard of this before, it seems interesting though. Are you one? Do you have some shots to show us?

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I have shots but they aren’t posted anywere

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I haven’t attempted lomography with an actual camera, but I like emulating it in photoshop. It can completely change the feel of a photo.

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I’ve done it, I enjoyed it, but the cameras were on loan! Still got all the prints, though not online anywhere. (Heck, not on the computer either—and only a few of them were printed. They were for awesome photography class.)

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I’m a lomo-shopper!

Ok; I give up on puns

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That is all.

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I have a Holga, but stopped using it since I got a digital camera. . It took some great shots, and some terrible ones too. Take a look:

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I’m a Holga 120 CFN owner. Great little camera.

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I have a lomo, but I keep forgetting to develop the film!

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