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What does your Christmas tree say about you?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7785points) December 3rd, 2008

Does your tree have all the traditional trinkents and ornaments or does it have personality? is it an art form? does it match your decor? the furniture? color coordinated? is it white or blue or 1960s aluminum? is it real or fake? what makes your Christmas tree so special?

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my bad, gailcalled: trinkets.

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I have three trees. I guess that says I am excessive.

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It says I am eclectic. I have old and new, and many different styles and colors. My taste in a lot of things is the same.

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it says that i love my son and how old he is , i have a ornament for every year that he has been alive from hallmark with the years on them.and that i have way to many lights on. lol

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@jess: i understand. we used to have two when i was young. one for the living room and one downstairs for the kids. it just kept the “presentation” tree upstairs, well, presentable.

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Mine says I have 2 young children and 2 dogs that will pull anything off the bottom third of the tree. I only decorate the top 2/3. Mine also shows some of the history of our family. I use ornaments from my husband’s and my childhood and from our kids. I get a new ornament for each of us every year.

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They are all 9 ft tall and have
themes. The only people that even see them are my mother and I and maybe a few friends.

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Mine says that I am Jewish. It is a pine bough in a vase with a few branches of barberry.

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I love jesters

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hey gailcalled!

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@judi: wow! on your tree? way cool and very different!

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Our tree is real and ten feet talk. It is filled with ornaments which represent family memories. Ornaments made by the kids, those collected from our travels, a few from my childhood and my husband’s, ornaments which show all of the things we like to do, Saints ornaments and Fleur de lis. If you knew us, you would say our tree looks like us.

We put up our tree each year as a family. My step daughters even came in to help. We have so many great memories of us at Christmas around the tree. I think that is why I really love this time of year so much. The greatest gift you could give me is my family all together and happy. I hope each of you has your family together and happy too during the holiday season.

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I also have mardi gras beads on my tree. There are still some of the ones that have been in the family for years too. It is also covered in crowns. (After all, it’s the King of kings birthday!)

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Mine shows a combination of families. It has my childhood ornaments…and my husbands. His family ties the ornaments on individually w/ ribbon (!!!). I left the ribbons on his ornaments. There are crocheted snow flakes all over the tree made by my grandmother (all at least 2 feet up….my dog tried to eat one once….they are stiffened w/ sugar water…). There are new ornaments each year for my kids. The angel was a handmade wedding gift from a neighbor.

Mine says family.

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years ago we had a cat named “bubbles” who would actually climb the tree. she was weird.

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LOL, Charlie as a kid, we had an ornament that chirped like a bird. My aunt and her cocker spaniel would visit. The dog, named Snoopy, would bark and growl at the tree until we turned it off….

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It says that we have very short ornament-hangers, three cats and a dog.

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I have two trees. The one in the living room has white and purple lights and many bisque precious momemts ornaments I buy a dated one each year.
The one in the family room is the family tree. It has hallmark ornaments given to the children by grandma each year, some handmade ornaments, others reflecting our interests and hobblies. This tree makes me smile every time I enter the room. Well, actually, they both do.
Though, what really brings me joy is the reason for the season.

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Mine says I have a son who is allergic to pine (fake tree), and that I don’t buy ornaments. It is decorated almost completely with ornaments given to me or my kids or ornaments they have made. It also says very clearly that I let my six year-old pick out the tree topper (very gaudy light up thing with lots of different colors).

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It says that I am about as lazy as they come. This year, since my partner Jenn is gone on sabbatical, I may not even put one up.

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It says i’m bald,all the needles are in the carpet.

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Our Christmas tree is the tallest one we could find, with a mix of mostly new and some old ornaments. Some from my childhood, the others that we have accrued in our marriage. We were very particular on stringing up the lights just right. I can’t decide if our tree is merely a reflection of our Christmas enthusiasm, or an indicator that we are trying to prove something? Another small detail is that there are not any childhood ornaments from my husband..they are on his parents tree….hmmm… Merry Christmas!

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I have a yuletide burning celebration every year 2 weeks before December 25th on a Saturday.
We burn an artificial christmas tree along with other symbols of excess and over abundance…cards, decorated paper plates and xmas wrap…garlands.. someone threw in a fruit cake a couple of years ago…gifts that can’t be regifted. We each stand around with a glass of mulled wine in hand and say what we are throwing in and giving up and what we are replacing it with. I used to do it in the back yard but have been invited to do this in the front yard this year by the landlord and handout invites to the neighborhood most of whom find this a hilarious event. I am doing just that and we will share desserts to pass buffet style as the fire burns. Hohoho….You know Santa says that because he knows where all the naughty girls live! ;)

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