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What would we do without the internet?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) December 4th, 2008

Maybe you don’t spend a lot of time on the internet like I do, but I just thought to myself ‘wow I would be so bored without the internet!’ Is spending so much time on here bad (as in wasting time)? Does it help you, personally, or hurt you? How do you feel you’d spend your time without the internet?

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I don’t feel like I’m wasting time if I know I wouldn’t be doing something else productive. When I was in Europe, though, I spent no time on the internet, and it was pretty refreshing, though it took quite awhile to catch up when I got home after two and a half weeks.

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I’d probably just read more and watch more TV. Maybe do some more exercise and spend a bit more time with my friends and family. Though I have a fairly healthy balance of all those things with the internet anyway. It wouldn’t phase me too much. Though I might get a bit sick of researching with all those big heavy books instead of having google whenever I need it.

But I would miss everyone here on Fluther! I’d have to get better at writing letters ;)

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im guessing we would probably do the same things we did for thousands of years before internet…

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we wouldn’t beat off as much?

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@madcapper, word lol

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I totally agree with @madcapper, masturbation would decline.

Is that good or bad?

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@ cheebdragon haha!

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we would also have cool lives beyond Fluther haha….

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I’d never leave the Library.

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I would never be dealing with PTS due to 2girls1cup. (throws up in mouth a little). The Internetz coud haz brkun that dey.

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Oh great, thanks judo! ...Here come the flashbacks! shudder

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@ judochop I actually puked when I was first shown that… haha

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A whole lot less.

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I wouldn’t have a job.

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I’d probably have had a different job.

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More reading and more painting for me. Doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all. A bit of a fantasy, really.

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Read, spin yarn, be creative, get some exercise, explore, etc.

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the internet does more harm to me thaan good

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We certainly would not be having this dialogue…

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Something involving the real life… and going outside.

And being productive.

(Hypothetically speaking, of course).

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I’m old enough to remember life without the internet, so I know it is quite possible to live without it, though today I’m as addicted to it as anyone else.

I would definitely get more reading done without the internet, and that would be nice. The internet is great for learning a little bit about all sorts of things, but I think there is a danger in relying on it solely. It can’t take the place of a well-researched book by a good scholar who really knows his subject and writes about it well. The trick these days is to use all of the technologies we have available—the internet, books, the media—for what they are best at, and not to rely completely on any one of them.

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My house might be cleaner but I wouldn’t be able to work from home. Thus I would be out at a 9–5 job, and would have to hire nurses for my husband and skip school events. As a result my house probably wouldn’t be cleaner and my kids wouldn’t be happy.

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I would definitely sleep more.

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the mere thought makes me hyperventilate!!!!!

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I would miss all of you:(
Probably read more.

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@cdwccrn: I would miss everyone too!

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Maybe I’d get a little more housework done, but maybe not…I don’t think I’d get any more sleep, I stayed up all night reading long before I had access to the internet.

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Sports and Lego!

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the good
washboard abs
not pale
right bicep same size as left bicep
better artist
clean condo
more money
enough sleep

the bad
extremely less informed
laugh less
less “friends”
pay for stamps
read the yellow pages every day
type slower

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Go to the library, get a daily newspaper, get smaller butts.

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Hey, I like my butt just how it is!

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I didn’t say smaller butts were better, in fact some genetically flat-butted nerds are greatly enhanced by the hours they spend on line.

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There would be no keep in touch or conectivity.With out that the information could not be at the place where it does should be.This mean slower world.We dont like it….............

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I would take more drugs.

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@Monty: you do have to consider though: drugs + internet = great fun.

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i think everyone would agree that if there was no internet there would be less stress. no? ;-)

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@wenbert: No. The internet is where I go to de-stress !

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@aug: haha, then we are browsing very different sites my friend.

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Without internet eevryone would get more physical activity, play more sports etc. The world would be a little less fat. MacDonalds would be out of business.. lol

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Psssh…Mickey D’s was thriving long before the internet existed!

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work harder on reports, for one. not talk to/see my friends as often, or resort to using a phone, which i’d hate to do. probably have a better body. not take as many pictures of myself because the only time i really do is when i’m doing so for my default pics on myspace or facebook or some other pointless website. not get as easily distracted when i’m doing my homework (like right now!). not know as many weird seemingly stalker-like facts about my favourite bands. constantly have like mental breakdowns because i can’t use imdb to figure out who that bit part actor is in my favourite movie. possibly be a little smarter and a better researcher.

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@tiffyandthewall, lol im always on imdb learning little tid-bits on my favourite movies :)

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A lot more reading.

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reading all of the novels that i’m interested in though i find reading sites is more interesting :D

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I couldn’t tell you what we would do without the internet without the internet.

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We would probably have to start talking to each other face to face.

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We would all have richer, more socially connected lives with our family and community.

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There’s plenty of other things we all should be doing then getting on the internet. But, it would make stronger bonds with our families. Acually send mail and greeting cards again, instead of e-mails and e-cards. Acually call people instead of IMing or e-mailing. Without the internet, we would be pretty lost. Most people can’t life with out most of these social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Mostly for marketing.

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When my computer got viruses, I could not gain internet access. More than 3 days, I felt so lonely without it. Is this an addicted habit or not?

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