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What is YOUR take on love?

Asked by Saxguy87 (7points) September 1st, 2007 from iPhone

I’ve already thought of mine, but what is love to the others out there?

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I think love is to always have some at your side, in every situation whatsoever. Being happy with each other and caring for eachother, having fun with eachother and something argue about thing with eachother.

Long story short: do everything, with eachother.

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After many failed relationships, and many onstances where I thought I was in “love”... I have come to realize that love, is comfort, pure and simple. if you can feel 100% comfortable around that person and would want th around you to make things better, you are in live with that person.

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Someone that brings the true you. Someone that acts as a silent coach for you in order to become a better person. Helps you view the world in a less cynical light. You can spend time away from each other but they’re close in your soul and heart. You know no jealousy or mistrust in association with this person.

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It doesn’t exist without trust.

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I think that when you love someone…
1) you wholeheartedly appreciate and accept who they are, flaws and all, and
2) you strive to be the best possible ‘you’ for the benefit of your loved one.

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On my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary (quite a few years ago now), I thought about this very question. I realized at the time that “respect” for each other was a necessary ingredient in our relationship. Respect for how the other met challenges, dealt with the world, treated others, and strove to be a good (even great) a person as was possible both within and outside of the marriage was the basis for our love.

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Love isn’t something that happens to you, or that you find in another person. Love is a continual chain of decisions whereby you choose to make someone else’s life better—even at those times when you may not want to. “To fall in love,” then, is to decide that you will spend your life making those decisions for that person, and, hopefully, if the love is returned, they’ll do the same for you. When true love is chosen, each person contributes talents, insight, ideas and character that the other lacks. Thus, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

It is simultaneously the most difficult and most rewarding decision in life.

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is when u feel something within when u are going to pick her up, and u can’t wait to be with her again, when u think of her and u just smile, when u close ur eyes and imagine a sunset with her by ur side… and most of the times it feels like ur heart is trying to leave ur body cuz it beats so hard… Poser is right, love is everything that he said love is, but there is this romantic approach of love too.

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I think Mick Jagger summed love up nicely when he sang: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” Love is unexpected—you never know when you are going to fall right into it.

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I think the best definition of love involves classifying love as a verb. Love is something you do – not something you have. It’s placing someone else’s needs above your own. It’s a choice – if you truly love someone, you CHOOSE to love every day. It’s not a feeling – it’s an action word. When we limit it only to a feeling, we open ourselves up to the possibility of “well, I don’t feel like I love this person today, so maybe I’d better move on”. Instead, we should be love*ing* – not just feeling love.
It’s putting someone else first. It’s being sacrificial. It’s being a friend. It’s wanting to create happiness for the other person. It’s choosing to put aside selfishness in order to grow and be part of something bigger than just you.

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