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Do you brush your teeth when you are sick?

Asked by guesswho (133points) December 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I know it’s gross, but I am on my second day of being sick, and I haven’t yet brushed. I just don’t have the energy to get out of bed and brush. Has this happened to anyone else, or am I just officially disgusting?

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I would vote for something less than disgusting, but still a little groddy. Brushing can make you feel better. Crawl if you must, but clean out that mouth!

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As the daughter of a dentist, I have had my oral hygiene habits drilled into me (pun intended).

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One day is okay, but you should really try to brush. Or at least gargle with some Listerine. Just don’t talk to anyone, or kiss anyone.

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At least keep a spool of mint-flavored dental floss on night-table. Unless you are at death’s door, you can muster the strength to floss.

And presumably, you are not using a bed pan. Give a quick brush and gargle after you have flushed the toilet and washed your hands.

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I probably brush too much, 5 to 6 times a day, so I am fixated on it. I even brushed my nephews teeth while he was in a coma, (he is okay now and that is his only memory), so yes, you probably should drag yourself in there and brush.

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You’re sick. I think that excuses you.

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I have found, that no matter how terrible I feel, brushing teeth and washing the smelly parts make me feel a little better. (It is similar to wearing pretty underwear in case you have an accident and have to be rushed to hospital. A safety pin in bra strap was a mortal sin when I was a kid.)

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Take a nice shower or a bath if you can’t stand for a while. Then try your best to clean your mouth somehow. It always makes me feel better. When I had jaw surgery one of the things I wasn’t able to do was brush my teeth, and that drove me nuts so I would at least swish around some Listerine.

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I agree with gail, I brush even more when I’m sick. It just makes me feel a bit better to be rid of the teeth fur. Additionally, I replace my toothbrush often, and definitely after being ill.

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brushing also keep the bacteria away and will help so that you don’t get even sicker.

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If I’m sick to the point that I can hardly stand, I don’t brush either. As soon as I feel a little better, it’s the first thing I do. It always does make me feel better.

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Get well soon, hey. That sounds like you’re feeling pretty awful.

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I work in the dental field and you should especially brush when you are sick! There is bacteria floating all around in there. As someone else said, presumably you aren’t using a bed pan, so brush AND use listerene. Don’t let those germs linger.
Think of how you can pass sickness from your breath alone! Kill that bacteria. Brusha Brusha Brusha!!!
Technically you are supposed to get a new toothbrush after being sick.

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Also if you are throwing up, do a quick brush afterwards to wash away the acid from the vomit. Very important.

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you can’t brush your teeth and yet you were able to muster up the energy to get online and post this question up??? hmm…

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If you get up to pee, you can brush. I’m sure it’s not that far away.

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@godswill92 and @DrC My thoughts exactly. Are you using a bed pan or what?

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