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What is the best way to make a cat and dog friends?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) December 8th, 2008

What if I wanted to get a cat and dog and I wanted them not to be scared of each other. How would I do that. Would I have to introduce them to each other then they’re kittens and puppies

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dress the dog up in a suit and the cat in a dress and make them have a tea party. I saw that in a picture once and they looked really happy with each other…

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It would be easiest to start them off together as young animals and watch them carefully when they are together to make sure the dog doesn’t overstep (especially if it is one of the larger breeds). Also, make sure the cat always has someplace in the house where the dog can’t get to it. That reduces stress and thus reduces fear.

Sometimes you can introduce older animals and have them get along. If you are adopting from a shelter the folks running the place have often noted which animals seem to get along with others and which are more aggressive. If you deliberately choose animals with more mellow temperaments you should have little problem.

Certain breeds of dogs are more likely to bother cats as well. For example, pit bulls love to chase things, and cats, when stressed, run. The combination is not good.

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I had an adult cat and we got a puppy. The cat was the dominant of the two and he let her know he was the boss—he’d smack her in the nose and chase her around, block the door way, etc. The cat died and a year or so later we acquired another adult cat. This time the dog asserted herself and she was more dominant over the 2nd cat. He would chase her around occasionally, but she was the leader.
All of the animals made peace with one another and they figured out how to live together. I think that’s one of the best approaches. Let the animals set their own limits and they will live in harmony…if not in complete peace.
Good luck.

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all you have to do is try to get them right from birth or if u adopt see if they are ok with other animals and you introduce them slowly. like a couple mins a day watch them in the same room together and make it longer, longer each time. They should start to get use to each other and maybe even play. It just takes short play times and it should do the trick. Some pets are even good right off the bat. My boyfriends cat and two dogs love each other since the day they meet each other. But playtime will also help you figure out if they are good right of the bat. You just have to watch over them.

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also there are some types of dogs that will be far more likely to befriend a cat – generally go for the unaggressive breeds like labs, retrievers,etc. If it does go wrong small dogs like dachshunds and shitzus cant damage the cat. Always watch and supervise until you are absolutely sure.
Danger signs are an alpha dog eyeing the cat none stop, with the cat out of reach on a cupboard top, dog is just waiting for him to come down :)

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I was just gonna lock them in small room until they’re learned how to get a long.

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you have to make sure to watch them so they dont beat each other up. and one doesnt get really hurt

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Make sure that they get equal attention and love. You don’t want one to become jealous of the other. Treat them equally and love them unconditionally. They will work out the small details themselves. Good luck!

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