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Sinus infection? This is the oddest one yet.

Asked by McBean (1703points) December 8th, 2008

Yesterday I started feeling like I’d been punched in the nose. The right side of my nose at the bridge feels incredibly bruised. The feeling persisted all night and all day today, but now I’m thinking it might be a sinus infection because my right eye and ear are both hurting. Except for a slight inability to focus (I attributed it to it being Monday), I feel fine. Well, actually, as I type my head is starting to pound.

Usually my sinus infections start with a cold, though, not a bruised feeling nose. Can you get a “sudden onset” sinus infection? Could it be anything else?

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I don’t know if it’s normal to get it sinus infections like that, but I get sinus infections similar to the one that you’re describing all the time…then again, I’m not normal. =)

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I get them, too…it runs in the family^^. Of course, so does the “not normal” thing!

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Maybe some kind of ear infection?

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Whoa, does that sound familiar ! I get the exact same symptoms from time to time. It can be a sinus infection, or just an allergy attack.

FYI, my doc says that you can have a fever from an allergy attack, whether you actually have a sinus infection or not. Hence the term hay fever.

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Thanks, steelmarket. It might just be an allergy attack.

In addition to feeling as though I was punched in the nose, I now feel as though I was also punched in the eye and boxed on my ear (major discomfort). And while there doesn’t really seem to be any congestion, I am sneezing a lot. I was beginning to think I had a pugilist poltergeist beating me up when I wasn’t looking.

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So how are you feeling now?

Did you take an antihistamine, decongestant, and/or pain reliever?

Believe it or not… it may be a migraine. There can be similar symptoms. Here’s an article

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I’m feeling a little better this morning, hearkat. Thanks for asking!

I do get migraines from time to time, so you never know. (Thanks for the link.) But this pain seems to be mainly concentrated in my right nostril and the bridge of my nose! Because I keep sneezing – more than the norm – I’m going with steelmarket’s suggestion that it is an allergy attack. Heat feels good on it, so I’m going with ibuprofin and heat.

Thanks for your answer!

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I’m glad it’s improving. Consider taking an antihistamine with a decongestant if they are safe for you.

I get sinus headaches and migraines, and sometimes in the early stages I can’t discern which it is, so I treat both to nip it in the bud. I used to wait it out to see what would develop or even see if it would go away because I generally don’t like to take medications. But knowing how they can really mess up my day if they get to be full-blown, I don’t take any chances anymore.

I hope you recover quickly!

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