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Nice looking alternatives to Flickr?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) December 9th, 2008

I wanted to sign up for flickr.

Argh, I need a Yahoo ID, I don’t like yahoo.
Argh, a lot of stuff to fill out here.
WTF, I wasn’t done, I need a yahoo ID not just the email.
OH, I need a credit card AND it’s going to cost me 50 cents.


Flickr is fail, yahoo is fail.
I need an alternative, and photobucket is a little too… meh…
Zoomr looks iight, but is there anything else? Neat looking?

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I used Shutterfly for a while. It isn’t very social and I think your’e just supposed to use it to print your pics and make actual photo books. I only used it to store my pics somewhere other than my computer, but now I use a account to hold them all.

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I suggest that you check out Fotki.

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Everyone has a Google account. Try PicasaWeb.

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Flickr’s the best. Use Flickr, even if the one-time signup process is a pain.

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I agree with @bob. Flickr is the best. Just do the sign up thing. You won’t be sorry.

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My friend found an alternative that he preferred. I will consult him at once!

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Found it. It’s a site called

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Next time, read the whole question Foolaholic.

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Ah, my error. I apologize.

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