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Which is the best Flickr alternative?

Asked by ricir (1points) February 2nd, 2008

I have a Flickr Pro account. If M$ buys Yahoo!, I will leave Flickr. But Zoomr is not as powerful…

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ricir – I used to be at Zooomr but I left it because of the lack of features. Then I joined 23, which is definitely not receiving the attention it should, as it’s the best. It’s like the of pictures :)
There’s one limit if you don’t use a pro account there, though: you can only upload up to 30 pictures a month (though 300 in the first month(s?) to make switching easier).

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Picasa Web Albums… Photobucket…

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That’s a very difficult question to answer as it all really depends on what you’re looking for in a site, feature-wise if you could be more specific.

I found Photorganizr and Zoto impressive, People who use Smugmug are rather fanatical about it. And some people are just fine with a Photobucket.

Good luck in your search and happy snapping!

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Are you more interested in the photo or social aspect of flickr? What (livejamie) said…what are you looking for feature wise?

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Try Photophly i Heard it is very good but its in beta version and not accepting everyone

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Zooomr actually uses the Flickr API, which means that it’s not exactly an alternative to Flickr, it’s really just a different interface with some additional mobile features.

Photobucket has a pretty amazing feature set. And with the recent release of their public API a month ago, they are positioned to compete more heads-up against Flickr.

Picasa is of course always a crowd pleaser. My favorite feature is that Picasa makes it very easy for your viewers to download the original fullsize photos to save locally.

NOTE: At the time of writing this, Microsoft has withdrawn its bid for Yahoo. You can relax now.


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derning, regarding Zooomr, that’s not entirely true. Zooomr’s use of the Flickr API does not mean that the photos on Zooomr are taken from Flickr. It means that you can retrieve Zooomr’s photos using the same methods as you would when retrieving them from Flickr with their API, by just changing the URL’s (i.e. to and some more little changes).

So yeah, it is just another alternative (but apparently not powerful enough for the asker :).

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If you like the organizer feature and community feel of Flickr, Snapixel is a good alternative to checkout. It also gives you the ability to sell stock photos like istockphoto. There are some screenshots of the web interface on the Tour Page . Anyway, the other services mentioned are also good. Just giving my .02.

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@ibwphotography – wow, the organiser of Snapixel is very nice! Just too bad of that 1GB limit.

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@Vincenttsnapixel has a premium service with unlimited storage. Where are you hosting your photos now?

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@ibwphotography – 23, which I linked to above. I managed to get a free subscription for three years because I helped them translating that website :) (Their limit is 20 pictures a month, which is really strict too… But at least, just as Snapixel, they don’t surprise you with a 200 pics limit after you’ve reached it coughcoughFlickr)

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see below, could not delete double post.

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@Vincentt Hope things are going well. Just as reference, Snapixel has a promo for Free Pro accounts with unlimited photo storage for a limited time. FREEPRO is the coupon code. :)

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@ibwphotography Very cool, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately it’s just valid for a year. I signed up again just in case though ;-)

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