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Which Version Of Handbrake Should I download for Windows?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) December 10th, 2008

I got an iPod touch for xmas last year, and i want to convert my DVDs so i can put them on my iPod instead of having to pay 7.99 for a movie that i already have. So I came across a program called Handbrake. I use Windows Vista Basic. When you go on the handbrake website and go to the page called download it gives you a bunch of options. Theres one called Windows2000/XP/Vista, then under that there is 2 more options for windows. They are: “GUI”, and “Command Line Interface”. I downloaded the first one, GUI. It downloaded fine and i converted my DVD Alice in wonderland and put it on my iPod touch. Im pretty sure i did everything right in converting it because i used a tutorial. But when i watched (or attempted) to watch the movie it was all blotchy(like when you are watching satalite during a storm, like pixelly). And the sound cuts off nonstop. I think the reason it isnt working is either I downloaded the wrong version of handbrake for windows or i did something wrong in converting it. Please help!!!

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You downloaded the right version. GUI is short for Graphical User Interface. The command line version is a stripped down version, similar to a DOS prompt. As for the video playback problem, I have never used the program and can’t offer much help. Try exploring options like “bitrate”, “compression”, and “audio codec”.

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thanks, very helpful

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anyone else got any more suggestions???

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Yup, based on what you’ve said I would agree with aanuszek1. You smartly picked the right version to download. Since the file loaded, we know it is likely not a problem with the downloaded software (a surefire sign is when the file refuses to load or displays an error, then you know there was a problem even before the encoding stage).

I don’t have an iPod touch yet, so I am not totally sure of how the Handbrake ripping program works. But I found this page that offers a very detailed guide on how to get it working. Have you installed VLC, the video playing program? Make sure you have the most up to date version of VLC installed to eliminate it being the problem.

Try following the instructions on that page I linked, or at least read along to follow with what I say next. On step 5 of that guide is where you’ll want to pay the most attention. Try changing the different encoding presets and see what the picture looks like. Try all 3 of the iPod ones and encode the movie again using the one that looks best. If you can’t see a difference, try encoding it with iPod High Res and drop the bitrate to 900 as shown in the guide. This may make a large size file, but if that comes out looking and sounding great, then we have a good known place to work from, and you can try encoding it at a lower resolution to make the file size smaller.

Good luck!

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Open up Handbreak, then press (i think for windows) CTRL + T to open up the presets, then choose iPhone/iPod Touch, this will encode the movie so its small enough for the screen of the iPod without taking up too much room or loosing too much quality. Then simply start the encoding as you previously did. I’ll boot into windows now and start handbreak up and post again to show you what i mean in detail if you need.

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Here you go: (its a little large just so you know)

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