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Can Converting A DVD into an iPod Playable Format Become Permanent?

Asked by desiree333 (3241points) December 15th, 2008

I use the prgram handbrake and I keep converting one of my DVDs because Im trying to get the picture and audio right because I’m having trouble with it. I’ve converted it like 3 times already, if I convert it a certain number of times is it possible it will become permanent and ruin my DVD?

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No. Don’t worry.

All that you’re doing with the DVD is playing it… just as if you were watching it each time. DVDs don’t wear out from being watched (well, at least not the commercial ones… home DVDs might be a different matter).

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well, to make sure that it won’t get ruined you need to put the disk in upside down, then rip it again with handbrake, this will reset the disc’s memory and lengthen the lifespan of any disc you have at home, for more tips and tricks, visit mark at infinite solutions

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Haha, that must be a joke eh iwamoto :)

The only concern you need to worry about is physically scratching the DVD. If it gets too scratched, it will have a harder time reading, and will eventually stop working. So just be gentle with them and you’ll be OK.

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yeah, if you check out infinite solutions you’ll know where i got it from, and wow, so funny

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@ iwamoto, k so please don’t put any jokes up anymore. Im getting really frustrated with handbrake because I seem to be having no luck. I want help with this problem, its a little too late for jokes. Sorry i’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t want any jokes put up, only real advice.

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well, as in advice, handbrake is pretty easy to use really, it’s just disc in, set preferences, rip…i wonder where things go wrong

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@iwamoto . I have no idea why, but I am having NO luck with handbrake, yet I seem to be the only one who isnt getting good results. I’ve already tried iphone/ipod touch, and iphone legacy. No luck with those two. Right now i am converting the movie edward scissorhands with ipod legacy. hopefully this will be the one to work crosses fingers Also the problem is when its converted i watch it and its all blocky and the sound cuts out continuously, its almost exactly like trying to watch satalite during a storm..

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You’re hitting the copy protection.

You need DVD43, too. Google it.

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