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How do you make Yorkshire Pudding?

Asked by Skaggfacemutt (9790points) December 11th, 2008

I have had it before, and even tried making it. I do have a recipe, but I have always heard that the correct way to make it is to bake it under a beef roast, so that the drippings from the roast falls into it as it bakes. I can’t quite figure out how that would work. Maybe a roasting pan with a really high rack that would hold the meat up, and the batter underneath. Wouldn’t that make the Yorkshire pudding really greasy?

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I can’t tell you. I absolutely love it and have tried various recipes but it always, literally, flops. My ex-mother in law was the best at making it along with slow roasted beef and gravy. God, I do miss that. Sorry I couldn’t help, but you made my mouth water.

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No, you reserve some of the beef drippings and pour them into a raging hot muffin pan a few minutes before the batter, let it start smoking. Recipe here.

It’s actually very simple. A quick batter, a hot muffin pan, and some drippings from the roast.

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You can pour the batter around the meat as it sits in the pan or use a rack. Either way works well. And,yes,the meat drippings go into the Yorkshire pudding but that is what is supposed to happen.
My husband makes it all the time. He says tomake sure to blend up the batter in advance so it can get to room temperature before you pour it into the meat pan. Take seven eighths cup of flour and half cup milk and half cup water and two eggs and salt and blend in blender. Let stand til it reaches room temperature. Twenty five minutes before meat is done, pour mixture in and return to oven.
Good luck!

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Forgot to add… If you don’t want it so greasy with the meat juices, pour some of the meat juice out before adding Yorkshire batter. But the whole idea is that the Yorkshire soaks up the meat juice for flavor. By itself, it is pretty bland.

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Easy 5 eggs, 2 cups flour, 2 cups milk, a pinch of salt and 1/4 cup oil or roast beef drippings. Mix eggs, flour, milk, and salt together. Now is where things are different for your situation. I or should I say my husband likes (just like @basp) me to use the actual baking dish that the roast beef is cooking in. I take the roast out of the oven check to see if I need to add oil to bring up to 1/4 cup or remove some, just don’t remove the drippings. Increase the oven temperature to 450°F. Pour the batter into the hot baking dish place back into oven, after 10 minutes reduce the temprature to 350°F. Bake another 20 minutes or until poofy and brown.

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