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Did Bristol Palin have her baby?

Asked by emilyrose (2263points) December 11th, 2008

I remember they said it was due early December. Any word? I’m still on the conspiracy theory bandwagon that Trig is hers. Just for fun : )

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and another thing – whatever happened to all that talk of sarah palin returning those clothes? i was one of the few (in the minority i believe) that thought let her keep the clothes, rather than the expense of a lawyer going all the way to alaska to collect used clothes. i know this is totally not answering the question.

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I haven’t heard any mention of the baby so I don’t think so.

@jca: Yeah, I agree. I didn’t give a fuck about the clothes or where they went.

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@emilyrose Please don’t take offense, but…..
“Just for fun”? Ick. W/ respect, that is kinda in poor taste.

This is a real teen girl who has or will have a newborn.

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@snoopy—sorry you’re offended. to me it’s celeb gossip. also poor taste i guess.

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@emilyrose. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose…

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I think Trig is hers too. Did they have that shot-gun wedding with Levi? Or did Levi meet the same fate as the Turkey in the background of Palin’s last interview?

I hope this nutcase is the future of the Republican party, and I love the way she says, “Guys and Gails”......only in America could someone who does not know Africa is not a Country, and who sees Russia from her home, be a V.P.

It is not in poor taste, those that like her are…..

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Does anyone know the answer to this question?

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Please tell me that Sarah Palin does NOT say “Guys and Gails.”

I do not know but I do feel some pity for Bristol.

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CRAP! Baby is not due yet. I am so busted. She was supposedly 5 months pregnant about two months ago. Stay tuned. I’ll ask in a few months : ) SORRY GUYS!

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The official due date is actually December 18.

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Did she marry Levi yet?

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Oh it IS December? Well isn’t that exciting.

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did levi leave town yet?

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Donde Esta Levi?

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@girl—where did you find that info btw?

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thanks : ) Love that people devote entire websites to this. Kind of ridiculous but entertaining.

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it was just on the news last night (and i just read it on google) that the future mother in law (Levi’s mother) got arrested for selling and possessing oxycontin.

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This makes -future -mothernlaw qualified to head up the Department of Health and Human Services, or maybe the FDA….

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I don’t believe she is pregnant, or if she is she is due in February or later. There were pictures of her online after the Wasilla church fire and she looks less pregnant now than she did in September. I believe she was showing post baby delivery fat at that time.

IMO The whole thing was staged to cover the rumors at that time. poor thing.

Levi was given a job on the slope as an electrician.

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I also saw a video of SP greeting the new boy grandchild on CNN and on MSNBC on Saturday December 20th. That was deleted and the page scrubbed online. So it was planted to make us believe the child was born. I thought at the time, that it was rare to actually have the baby on the predicted due date. (especially a first child).

I expect I will see the same video of SP bending over the child when they eventually release the news that the child has been born. Maybe christmas if they can come up with a baby by then.

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@bristolbaby—funny name!

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People magazine is the only source to report the birth of the child. The report was confirmed by a great aunt to the baby. not SP or Bristol. I might believe it if I hadn’t seen the SAME report on December 20th, which was later retracted.

It’s possible a baby was born. It’s also possible this is all made up. I’ll wait until I actually see the two babies together, if that ever happens. It’s also possible that she was not at full term, and the child was taken by C-section to cover up the first story.

Then again, there has been no proof that Trigger was born on April 18th as reported. He could have been born in March for all we know, which would still allow both babies to belong to Bristol.

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also interesting that the baby’s last name is Johnston, yet the kids are not married. Apparently, one can put anything they want on a birth certificate.

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there have been numerous dates mentioned…

this ^ one says the baby was born on Saturday according to People magazine, probably a misprint. People magazine says Sunday. At first they said Monday…..and why Palmer? Palmer is a very small town and the medical center is not as close as Alaska Regional Hospital. Something still smells fishy.

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bristolbaby: yeah, anybody can put any name they want on a birth certificate. when you have a baby they give you a form to write the name you want the baby to be (at least in NYS they do) and you can write the baby’s name, and the instructions are very clear that you can name the baby anything you want (last name can be anything you want) and this does not affect the baby’s receiving any kind of benefits (for example if the father dies and the baby has the mother’s last name). as far as putting down the father, if you want to put someone as a father the father can either sign that it’s his baby or you can get a DNA test to put him on.

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Yeah I would like to see photos.
@bristolbaby—thanks for keeping the conspiracy theory alive. HA HA! Add more info here or PM me as you find it.

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“as far as putting down the father, if you want to put someone as a father the father can either sign that it’s his baby or you can get a DNA test to put him on.”

Levi stayed on the slope and was not present for the birth of the child, according to the great aunt. So…do they HAVE to get a DNA test?

If I felt like it, could I put GW Bush as the the daddy on a birth certificate without his knowledge? Not that I would ever want to….it’s just an analogy.

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bristol: he could come into the hospital later on and do the forms, and once the mom leaves the hospital i think there’s a time period for him to sign and get the form to the local town clerk (that’s who processes the form and then from that they make a birth certificate). if he signs when mom is still in hospital, the hospital takes care of getting the form to the local clerk.

for you to put GW “bubba” bush on the birth certificate, GW bubba bush would have to sign that he is the father. so he either signs, or if you’re accusing him of being the daddy then you could haul him into court for DNA paternity test.

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“so he either signs, or if you’re accusing him of being the daddy then you could haul him into court for DNA paternity test.”

but evidently, I don’t have to do either if I don’t want to. I wonder how many certs bear the name of Elvis? LOL

I understand that Bristol got paid $300K for her pictures with the baby from People magazine. That should be enough to pay for a wedding, huh? She’ll need it considering Levi quit his job on the slope as an electrician. He neglected to tell them he was a high school drop out.

I have my doubts as to whether a baby was born at all, considering the only source of the story is a distant relative. No details on when, or where. Mixed details coming from People magazine.

then there is this recent interview:

Bristol met him at the door…just 8 days gone…hmmmmm, did she look like she just had a baby? I had to laugh at his statement that he saw Bristol go into her room where she was caring for a new baby. That was his proof…LOL Yet, no pictures, again.

Where’s the DNA? Where’s the birth certificates for BOTH children? Where’s the proof that Trig was not born before April as Bristol’s classmates claim?

Who’s your daddy, little boy? Is there really a second child at all? Tune in again, same time, same channel…..

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Whoa. I totally missed the fact that someone (seemingly) created
an account just to participate on this thread. Dedication!

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“Whoa. I totally missed the fact that someone (seemingly) created
an account just to participate on this thread. Dedication!”

hey…I was just born…errr…adopted….um….I just posed for pictures! gimme’ a break!

I’m still Tripp’n. That oxy that gramma’ has is good stuff! The pot from my other gramma’ ain’t so bad either.

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I’m so wounded….it was all a fake report. There aren’t any pictures… Nobody offered mom any $$ for pictures. I’m so alooooonnnne! When will the lies stop?

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waaah…..waaahhhh…they’re starting to notice! from the same link as above:

Where is Tripp? Here’s yet another detail undermining the credibility of reports of Bristol’s baby’s alleged birth. The only source identified for the birth claim was People Magazine, which says it got the story from Great Grampa Charlie Heath’s sister, Colleen Jones. It’s really odd that someone so distant is the only cited source. Well now Jones has admitted to the press that she hasn’t spoken with anyone in the Palin family first-hand. She just heard about the “birth” via an email from Charlie Heath. Let’s be clear. She hasn’t seen any baby. She hasn’t even heard a family member say there is one! But she’s the only credited source for the story. This is truly bizarre.

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“The governor’s office on Tuesday did not return requests for comment but has said the baby’s birth is a private, family matter.” ??? WTF???? Yet, here’s one heck of a cute private, family matter about my brother Trig with his own official publicly-funded State of Alaska that can be accessed of the governor’s official state website.

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@bristolbaby—love the enthusiasm. keep us posted ; )

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