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How to promote and optimize my online shopping site?

Asked by jennyyu (21points) September 4th, 2007

I own an online superstore that mainly wholesales elctronics,but how to promote and optimize it?i know inside optimization is also important except outside promotion. this is my site:
any advice will be appreciated !

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well you just promoted it——-^ hhaha

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thats an expensive site- almost everything seems to be overpriced on your site

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When Googling “sourcing map” you come up in the top spot and 5th for “china wholesale” and “chinese wholesale.” Are you getting visitors who aren’t purchasing? Do you know what your site abandonment rate is?

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You also had a spike in traffic, according to Alexa, the first two weeks of August. What did you do differently at that time?

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Think like your ideal customer, and how they would find you. You may want to consider other urls that would be more specific to your products and redirect them to your current site.

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ok i just realized the prices are for a wholesale lot

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