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Imminent? No.

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That would mean in the next couple of weeks right? I gotta go with Shilolo: no.

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Not unless Jesus intervenes.

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I think Bush and his cronies are too busy counting all their “bailout” money to worry about their blind pursuit of bringing the entire world to the brink of Armageddon at the moment. If they finish counting though, all bets are off.

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No but If…Obama gets shot does that mean it will never happen?

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“Obama getting shot”: Why is that all I hear?
Barack Obama is not going to get shot!

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Nah, too many other global concerns right now…like, money.

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@gooch: Bite your tongue!

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If so, they’re keeping it pretty quiet. You might see some kind of terrorist activity in Isreal, because of the pilgrims to Bethlehem this time of year – but the Isrealis would be ready for it.

Iran is saber-rattling. If they wanted war, they would gearing up militarily. They’re just daring Isreal or the U.S. to do something about their nuclear facilities, and that game will take a long time to play out. Obama wants to talk to them. That’s a damn sight better than fighting.

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It happened last week, didn’t you hear?
It’s all good now, they traded fancy pens.

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@Fireside – LOL!!!

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Apparently not.

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