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Where can I buy Sulfur Hexaflouride?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) December 12th, 2008

I’ve recently discovered what this gas does, and I really really want to buy some. I tried to search the interweb, but the only suppliers are from China, and I’m skeptical to buy gasses from them. Suggestions?

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I have no clue where you get that stuff from, but that is hilarious!

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oh god i lold hard at that video.

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I want need some of that stuff.
I could spend a whole day laughing maniacally.

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The company is also U.S. based, but I don’t know from where they source the product.

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It appears to be called SF6 and can probably be purchased at a gas or chemical company. It’s relatively non-toxic, but appears to be a greenhouse gas. I would start with places that sell helium.

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Probably a welding supply. If they don’t have it they will tell you where you can get it.

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Well Sulfur Hexaflouride is a Binary Compound of Sulfur and another element that i don’t know. You could possibly make the stuff yourself in a little chemistry experiment all you need to do is find out the other element but don’t search Hexaflouride because the “ide” in Hexaflouride tells you that it’s a Chemically Bonded Binary Compound

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I did discover that it’s a common experiment in chemistry classes nowadays, and apparently a lot of schools have a tank for teaching purposes, but when my friends and I asked our chemistry professor about it, he chuckled at us and just said “no.”

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I couldn’t help but noticing that the Amazon widget on the side of the page is suggesting Jeff Foxworthy’s “redneck” material for those reading this thread! LOL!!!

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lol, good call supermouse

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… fluther has an amazon widget?

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Exactly! I love how discrete it is!
(It’s below Siblings and above Get your JellyShirt.)

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Ah, you know what it is? I have So I haven’t seen an ad on the internet since I started using firefox…
Does fluther have other ads as well? :(

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Interesting. Is there just a space between the two then?

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same here shockvalue. I forget what ads look like :P

no space btw nimis, the shirt is right below siblings.

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