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Do you prefer a good limerick or a good haiku? (Possibly NSFW)

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) October 1st, 2014

Of course, you need to cite an example.

Quote or quip.
Sweet or salty.
Silly or sage.

You certain are encouraged to enter both categories, but I request separate post to reduce confusion.

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I like both, but Limericks are much more fun.

There was was a gal called Coloma
the tomatoes she grew were all Romas
she made a great sauce
but was often quite lost
when stirring with wine at her stova. lol

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There once was a very sad man
Whose limericks never would scan.
When he was asked why
He said with a sigh,
“It’s because I try to fit as many words into the last line as I possibly can.”

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edit..there .once was a gal called Coloma. haha

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My turn!

Gee, limericks sure are quite hard
I can’t think of anything but lard
I wish I could rhyme
For just a short time
But instead I just of a yard.

This is my haiku
It was made by dxs
This is the last line.

@Coloma don’t fret
When I read your limerick
It had the word “once”.

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When my dog, he takes to snoring
Many would say he’s quite boring
So still does he lay
Whether it night or day
Stiff and flat like the flooring

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I sat down with notebook and Bic
Thought to write a haiku would be quick
But try as I might
I gave up tonight
Cause it ended up being a limerick

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I despise both, the tone & flow irritate me greatly.
Twee, crass & boring.

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I prefer limericks.
There was a young chaplain from Kings; who talked about God and such things; but his real desire; was a boy in the choir; with a bottom like jelly on springs

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The limerick is
The highest form of art
So say I, today.

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‘Tween a limerick and haiku, please
The better can be decided with ease.
Where characters are words or ideas
The advantage is easy to seize
It’s a haiku writ in all Japanese.

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The Limerick: A Brief History I thought I would pass this on for those inclined to read and learn.

It contains the very first known limerick:

Ook eek ok arrr grr erk ooka,

Grrr grrk ugh erk eek ug gooka,

Grunt grunt grrr erk

Erg erg grunt gerk

Ooga erk grun snarl grr grooka.

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@rojo Do you need someone to call 911, are you okay, have you had a stroke, fallen and get get up. I want you to blink twice for yes and once for no. lol

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I prefer haikus
They are easier to write
Just like this one was.

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There once was a limerick-writer
Who said “Well, my rhymes could be tighter.
When I’m stuck for a word
They just get absurd
And they end up not rhyming at all.”

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What fun!
Thanks for the chuckles.

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I’m such a haiku nazi. It doesn’t matter how much I trust you, I must count the 5–7-5.

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There once was a day ( today ) designated for farm animals at play National farm animal day
To celebrate right, we had a calf born last night
and today she is frisky and nursing in the hay. :-)

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There once was a man
From Bath who got limericks
and haikus confused

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@downtide Like this?

After liberally hitting the booze
I’ve started in writing Haikus
Straighforward and sweet
A lit’rary treat
And, wait, I’m a little confused?

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@rojo Haha, very good

Coloma just woke this last hour
coffee is giving her power
The horse shoer comes at 10
and she might be ready then
or maybe still wet in the shower. lol

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