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What would you do if you had a Saturday night with nothing special to do?

Asked by skfinkel (13483points) December 13th, 2008

Would you call friends to have a little gathering at your house? Call a friend and see a movie or have dinner out? Find out what is happening in the city, and go yourself? Cozy in and read a book? Work on the book you should be writing? Other?

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finish up on that book!

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I was afraid that would be the answer.

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I’d spend it catching up with my fluther friends that I’ve been missing over the last few weeks.

Excuse me, I have something in my eye

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I would either find a game to play that ive been putting off because of school work, or find somewhere to go drink and have fun

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watch it’s a wonderful life

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I’d go with the ‘cozy in…’ option. Of course in my case it’s with CSI, paracetamol, tissue and lemon tea…...

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I would take stock of everything I need to do to not make the holidays psycho, organize stuff for tax returns, restock the liquor cabinet, and go to bed early.

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Depends on the weather. What’s it like where you are?

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I almost always opt for cozying in. Watch a movie with hubby.

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Kick back and catch up on what I’ve snagged on the TiVo. Or, go roam Barnes & Noble or a Virgin Megastore.

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@chicadel: It is cold here (in Seattle) but not too bad.
I have called up a friend, and I may end up going to her house where she will be watching a movie with her hubby (ala @augustian) although that’s sweet of them to include me, but perhaps they would like their own cozy night.
I do like the suggestions of getting organized, and I will do that this afternoon. And then will go to a coffee shop (there’s a great one hear the university) to write.
As for this evening, we will see how that develops.
Thanks all for your suggestions. More are welcome. I’ll keep checking.

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You could check out a new place for dinner, something out of the ordinary, or some place you pass that looks intriguing. I like diner food when I’m on my own.

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Sit in the corner in a fetal position and rock…

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hey loser, kind of sad, even for a loser.

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I’m making chili, cleaning out the fridge, watching movies on tv, online shopping and wrapping what I have purchased.

So far the gift that I’ve purchased that I’m most pleased with is this. It’s really nice, really well made, and is something you wouldn’t buy for yourself. I tried it out when the basement lightbulb burned out, and it’s pretty darn amazing.

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