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Where can I find a cheap handheld GPS?

Asked by jjd2006 (746points) December 13th, 2008

I want to give my parents a handheld GPS for Christmas so that they can start geocaching ( as a hobby. Does anyone know where I could find a cheap one other than the usual sources of Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist? I’m hoping to find one for under $60!

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You can try the geocaching forums on They have a “for sale” area.

If you do get it through amazon, though, buy it through our link! ——->

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Also check PriceGrabber once you settle on a model that gets good reviews.

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Is there a “shady part of town” where you live?

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Sams club or costco. I work for sams and we currently have garmin 750’s for 199. and if you can find one, the garmin 200 that we had for black friday for 96. both wonderful options

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Refurbished and factory re certified with a warranty too….

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I e-bay EVERYTHING! Not sure if they really are the best deals, but they’re close enough for me.

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My wife got a Garmin E-trex on e-Bay for $60 last summer. It was “not in original packaging”, but it was still new. Garmin is a top brand, and the E-trex is far more reliable than other units we’ve had.

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