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What's a good ,cheap outdoors wristwatch?

Asked by Bugabear (1707points) December 20th, 2009

I’m looking to get a good, cheap wristwatch for my nephew for Christmas. He’s a pretty outdoorsie kinda guy. Somebody recommended a Suunto Vector but that’s a little out of my price range. Besides he’s about 15 so I don’t think he needs a altimeter, but the Barometer and compass sound interesting. Anybody have an idea or know a good brand?

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Well I don’t quite know about outdoorsy, but I have a casio calculator watch, that is good for deep sea diving even, and is very durable and reliable. Mine is the Casio CA-53W and at 50 bucks it’s a great deal.

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I have had good luck with Casio G-Shocks, or Timex Ironman watches. Both have various models and various prices based on features. Great, tough watches.

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Timex has some compass watches below $50.
Timex Men’s Expedition Adventure Tech Digital Compass Rubber Strap Watch #T42681
Timex Men’s Digital Compass Fastwrap Strap Expedition Watch #T49688
Timex Men’s Expedition Adventure Tech Digital Compass Watch #T42761

Freestyle watches, around $100, are kind of stylish (in my opinion)
Freestyle Navigator 2.0 Digital Dive Watch-Compass

And I haven’t had a Casio, but I agree, they have some nice watches at great prices.

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@jaytkay Nice links, compasses are handy!

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I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you needed a barometer and compass. From my research, this is the cheapest one I can fine with a barometer.

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I like Timex watches, they have chronograph, count down timers, lap counters alarms, a couple of time zones and are waterproof.

If he doesn’t need the compass and barometer, it would be my choice, they last forever and are good looking.

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I adore my Timex Expedition. So much so that I’ve bought it three times over the past 10 20 years.

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Just go over to Wal Mart , Target, or K-Mart .

They all have nice watches that can be deeemd “Outdoorsy” and are in a fantastic price range .. Maybe even a Pocketwatch , no straps to break .

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Thanks for the great Ideas. Lurve. I’m get him the Freestyle navigator. Hopefully it’ll get here by Friday.

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