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Best GPS to navigate Leicester to Paris?

Asked by thebluewaffle (1002points) January 17th, 2014

Won’t go into details, but me and a few mates are road biking from Leicester to Paris for a charity close to us. We’re pretty much set on a route but looking for a reliable but cheap (we are only a group of working class lads!!!) GPS which can help get us there. Preferably with a map overlay and not just written directions…

Thanks all!

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A Garmin Etrex should do it for you. You can either buy one in the country you are visiting or purchase this software City Select Euro. It will make your life much easier.
Update – I see that has been discontinued. I am sure there are replacements. Why not use your smart phone? Surely someone in the group has a data plan for Europe. That would be free.

You might consider the Garmin Foretrex 101 Hands-Free for about $150 US. When you order make sure it has the maps you need.

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Been looking around on the net for reviews on different models. Seems Garmin is the most used! Yeah, I’ve found with a couple of models that suited us, seem to have been discontinued!

In regards to data plan, all of us are on UK plans, once you enter the rest of Europe data shoots up! An actual dedicated GPS just seems a little more reliable! Haha! Thanks again anyway!

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Sounds like a great trip. You will be making memories.
We have the same situation when we take our US phones into Canada. I turn mine off when I cross the border.
Smart phones are still useful when you visit wifi hot spots. That will be free.(At least it is here.)
Have fun.

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