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Been a rough summer for television. What shows were your favs?

Asked by alabare (282points) September 6th, 2007 from iPhone

I’ve come across a few gems, train wrecks I have to watch and sadly, very bad programming. How did your tv summer shape up?

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the only remedy to summer crap is to go off the beaten path.. cable winners, like the Daily Show, The Shield, and Damages all ran new (and good) episodes over the summer.

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I’m waiting for showtimes “dexter ” weeds is hanging on but not as good as last year

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..not mention the end of the Sopranos, which I loved, contrary to popular opinion.

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I enjoyed pirate master over the summer (even once it left the airwaves and went online)

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there’s also the option of leaving the bad tv programming and doing something else…..

but of the little tv i did watch, i actually enjoyed ‘are you smarter than a fifth grader’ (purely for comedic value), and ‘making the band’/‘america’s next top model’/‘hell’s kitchen’/‘america’s got talent’/other competition shows because, even though they are pretty ridiculous, as a performer myself i find it interesting and learn from it. then there were the ice truckers…... but overall, tons of hype, tons of commercials, tons of redundancy and wasted time….

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Big Brother

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Colbert Report and Rescue Me (although for Rescue Me you kind of have to been watching the whole season or you lose most of the comedy.

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the new season of weeds!

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Intervention always makes me feel better.

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Top Chef, Flipping Out

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“Amazing Race” for the win!

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