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What's your internet connection speed?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) December 17th, 2008

Just curious. Get your results from

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Right now mine is 3906 down, 646 up from the Toronto server with a ping of 120. I was able to get a max up of 4124 down by using the server in Montreal with a more reasonable ping.

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It’s been slow today for some reason, typically it’s much faster…

2283 kb/s down
907 kb/s up
ping 256 ms
Verizon FiOS

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This is mine on my laptop. I rank 97% higher than most connections.

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I’ve gotten (seriously) anywhere from 2K down to 10K down. Something’s screwy with my wiring.

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Download: 12047 kb/s
Upload: 1402 kb/s
Ping: 31ms
Distance: ~100miles

I speed is probably limited due to my wireless connection.

Oh how I despise Comcast.

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aanuszek1 Your speed is rather decent. Look at my speed that I get from Comcast on a wireless network.

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download: 6348 kb/s
upload: 680 kb/s

i have qwest.

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Download: 25807 kb/s
upload: 2603 kb/s


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uberbatman Holy crap that’s a fast download speed the max I ever got for my download speed was 20000 kb/s. It’s weird how your upload speed is still pretty low though.

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Thats how comcast has always been for me. High DL speed and shit upload. I cant wait until FIOS is available in my area

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Download: 12594 Kb/s
Upload: 857 Kb/s
Ping: 41
I’m on Bigpond Australia, The plan is advertised as 20000 Kb/s UP and 1000 Kb/s DOWN. with a 25GB limit

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Download: 21 Kb/s
Upload: 7 Kb/s

Liars. I’ve never seen my transfer rate go above 5 Kb/s either way.

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DL 19855
UL 2240
Ping 151

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@MacBean ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? do you have dial up or something?

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Download: 15786 Kb/s
Upload: 2125 Kb/s
Ping: 40

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@uber—Yessir, indeed I do. :(

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Down: 5144 kb/s
Up: 905 kb/s
Ping: 28ms

I should have a 24mbit line, but the telephone cables are old ‘n crappy so it gets slowed down an awful lot.

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Down 1324 kb/s
Up 989 kb/s

Down 1890
Up 1230

Ping for both : 6ms ~50m

Cablevision Optimum online.
I can’t wait for fios in my area either

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I have FIOS in my area… and, believe it or not, Road Runner is a better deal… because I can get them to match the Verizon’s price for the closest FIOS tier… and I get faster speed.

So those of you waiting for FIOS, switch if you want… but if nothing else, play one off the other and save some $$$.

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supposed to be 24mbit down and 8mbit up, but it’s more like 8mbit down and 1mbit up.

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Here’s the .png from a test I just recorded

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awww man MacBean im feelin for ya.

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No offense MacBean, but I really didn’t know that dial-up was still around.

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Yup. It’s still here for all us po’ country folks who don’t have access to or can’t afford anything else.

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Ouch I’m feeling for you MacBean hopefully you’ll be able to get a cable line or DSL line out there soon.

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With my new fibre LAN :)

Gotta love it! $35 a month!

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