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Best Mexican getaway?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) September 8th, 2007

We want to go away over Thanksgiving—we have both been to Puerto Vallarta, what are some other fantastic destinations?

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playa del carmen in yucatan just south of Cancun

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san diego in califas just south of la ciudad de los angeles, which is also good.

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Suyalita. Amazing.

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I don’t think Playa del Carmen is at all nice, too built up, too noisy, too…manic… but if you Google it you can find cool small hotel run by Italian people, can’t remember the name, give it a try. Caribbean is so beauutiful; but try further down the coast for more purity.
If interested in a city, try beautiful amazingly lively Queretaro, not especially touristy, easy bus ride from Mexico DF, safe, clean air, stay at Quinta Zoe, eat well, drink wonderful coffee, be sure to get your shoes shined in one of the many leafy plazas, they do a beautiful job, your shoes will make you very happy. And you can walk walk walk walk walk and people will talk with you and help you with your espanol.

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The Oaxaca coast is amazing. Go to mazunte. You can get there from puerto escondido. Or, if you have more time, fly into Oaxaca, then take a shuttle or bus depending on your budget down to Mazunte. Mazunte is a great beach to chill out on, and I saw my first whale there. They have a little tour you can do to check out sea turtles and whales and its awesome. There are budget options and nicer places as well…...

There is no surfing in mazunte though so keep that in mind. It’s a pretty mellow place, not really much night life, but I spent 4 or 5 days there and LOVED it….

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I second Sayulita. Bring a tent and camp on the beach.

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