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Is i?t easy for an Immigrant to get work in the US without a permit?

Asked by goober (315points) December 20th, 2008
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Yes, there are plenty of “under the table” jobs available. Most of them being construction/landscaping or the backend of restaurants.

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Spargett is correct. In our area painting is also a big draw for immigrants. Then, local officials come in and hold enormous raids and crackdowns. Effectively closing local businesses, and rendering children parent-less while their parents are held in custody until they can be processed/deported.
It happens all the time around here. Sadly there is a booming rate of crime among illegal immigrants in our area. Desperation breeds poor judgment. Two wrongs rarely, if ever, make a right.

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Yes, it’s fairly easy because there are many, many jobs that only people in desperate circumstances would consider doing. Our relatively high standard of living here depends on the fact that there are people here and around the world who have no option but to work hard and dangerous jobs for next to no pay.

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If this area were made a target for illegal immigrant hit squads,do you think we could reduce illegal immigration?

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Mostly, it would reduce our humanity.

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goober, you just posed another immigrant question in a new thread…what’s your issue?

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I just want to get the feel for peoples views,i think that the Immigration issue is just bubbling under the surface of our day to day life and as things become a little more strained as regards the economic instability and work availability,then the issue may well become a big problem.
My point is,does society aim its anger at Illegals or our home grown dead legs.
Yes, blame the Administration,but you cant touch them.

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Easy to get work—you may not be paid, or be paid less than promised, or injured and left to die on the street. Or be paid less than minimum wage.

Since the jobs have evaporated, this is kind of a non issue.

I’m planning a swim across the Rio Grande to look for work in Mexico, any suggestions?

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@Mizuki: The Rio Grande is rapidly disappearing, swim fast.

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Is the Rio Grande disappearing faster than American jobs?

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I’m not really sure, just wishing you luck on your trip.

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in my area they also do a lot of housekeeping and nanny jobs.

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