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What FREE DVD Ripper do you use?

Asked by davidhimself (47points) September 9th, 2007

Or what other method for ripping and then burning your DVDs do you use?

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I use “DVD Decrypter,” which can be found at this site: However, I have also heard of people using DVDShrink (not legal in the US apparently, but then again…) and Fair Use Wizard (shareware). Handbrake is probably worth a shot too, with mac/windows/linux ports.

I then use Auto Gordian Knot to rip the decrypted DVD files into a more friendly 700mb Divx/Xvid avi file. If you have a slower computer, this will take a while though, so more often than not I just find another way to backup my movie collection ;).

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on the mac, i use handbrake.

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The makers of handbrake also made a nice little drag and drop application for os x called Instant Handbrake, automagically creates movies in iPod playable format.

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on mac: mactheripper then burn using dvd2onex

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I use Handbrake! It’s the best. :-D

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whats with these spammers ? its mainly the same damn Q asked

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