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Arrrgh! Too many movies on telly at the same time: which one should I watch?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2598points) December 20th, 2008

Only one channel at the time…sigh…
1)Die Hard 2 followed by Alien 3
2) Love Actually
3) Lady Killers followed by The Untouchables

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those are some hard choices!
I would have to pick lady killers followed by the untouchables, because the untouchables is an excellent movie.

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i agree with Jacob the untouchables is awesome.

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I got to go with #3…

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It has started, thanks for the answers though! I went for Love Actually since I am a pathetic single, it’s soon xmas and I’ve got a thing for British comedies :)

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But they all are good and watchable movies…great movie night on Swedish telly!

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2 or 3.

Die Hard sequels sucked (except for 3).

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depends on what you like of course, all of them are good in their genres. I think I’ve seen all of them at least once (if Lady Killers is the one I think it is) but I’d rather watch “Love Actually” one more time than any of the others. But it depends on your mood of course.

Then again, right now I’d probably go for Die Hard…the whole series.

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