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Can you identify this mysterious cat's breed?

Asked by tonedef (3930points) December 23rd, 2008

This is my cat, Newman. I rescued him from under a car. He is a sweet baby, and recently had his teeth cleaned.

Can you identify his breed and any additional characteristics that could describe him? Lurve for all guesses. He has a little bit of light orange on top of his head, his paws, his ears, and tail. Pictures follow.


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I’m pretty sure he’s an exotic shorthair.

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I asked my vet to help me identify the strains in my cat…

…and she told me, quote end-quote, “Plain ol’ kitty”.


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I can’t guess, but he sure has a baleful expression (although lovely foliage.) How have you been treating him?

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@andrew, his hair is about 2 inches long, so maybe an exotic longhair. His face doesn’t match any pictures I’ve seen online, though,

@gail, haha! I’ve been treating him very well. My boyfriend and I agree that he actually looks less pissed off now than when we got him. He has a very large, pronounced forehead, and grumpy-pants shaped mouth. So he’ll always look a little bit sad. But wouldn’t you if someone left you under a car in a hurricane?

edit: Hey! I think he IS an exotic longhair. Look at this one. A lof of the ones on this page resemble him.

edit: it’s uncanny!!! This HAS to be him! Whoa!!

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I was thinking less “sad” and more “look out for me on a dark night.” But you are right about the exotic longhair.

Let me know whether you have any tricks for clipping his nails. Having a boyfriend would help, as would gauntlets, chain mail, two body guards, and a muzzle made from a paper cup and string (that would be for Milo. Xanax is for me.)

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@gail, he is actually declawed, which compounds the tragedy about him being left outside. I’ve e-mailed the webmaster where those photos are posted. She breeds cats like that, so I hope she can tell me what they’re called.

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He is just a persian bred with a plain old cat. Go to and put in the persian breed and you will see many pictures. An exotic shorthair has short hair like a regular cat. That one has longer hair. He is very pretty BTW and I have a soft spot for persians. They are very sweet and funny.

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@jess, I don’t think he’s just a persian mutt, because this breeder is selling them. Breeders don’t usually sell rando cat combos.

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I’d say your kitty is part Himalyan / Persian and part domestic long hair.
really doesn’t matter – what a doll!

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From the breeder: “His breed is Colourpoint Persian and his colour is Red Point.”

Colorpoint persian is = Himalayan, apparently. And red point = flame point. So, there’s a lot of ways you could say it, but when it comes down to it, he’s a flame point himalayan, which is what I suspected.

He just looks so different than those himalayans who look like ET!

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@tonedef: Ah, I didn’t see how long his hair was.

He’s a doll-faced persian—as opposed to an extreme-face. Is he a sweetie?

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Yeah. He recently had major dental surgery, and has become much sweeter since that. And he’s more in-between doll-and-extreme. If he were doll-faced, he’d look more like this.

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If he is full Himalayan be prepared for his coat to get much longer. It’s a pain in the ass. I have two peke faced persians and I have to get them shaved every one in a while. If you ever do shave him ask for a bear cut and not a lion cut. Lion cuts take off almost all of their hair and look silly.

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He’s like 10 years old, so I don’t have to worry about it getting too much longer. ;)

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I think he is a Himalayan.

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He looks like the many Persians that I see coming out of puppy/kitten mills, with poor attention to breed standards and quality. (A Himalayan is essentially a Persian with a specific coat color and pattern.)

Of course, breed quality has nothing to do with what kind of pet he will be.

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@syz- I think that’s why it was so difficult for me to identify him. He just doesn’t look like a standard Himalayan, nor does he look like a standard persian, but kind of a weird, semi-himalayan. It would make sense that I’d see a picture of a similar cat ONLY on a breeder’s site.

Pet mills are so depressing. At least I could rescue the little guy and give him a nice home. I don’t really give a shit about what breed he is, I’d just like to have an answer when people ask me.

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I bet he’s a sweetie, too. Persians are real dolls of cats.

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I am 99% percent sure he is a flamepoint himalayan. If you google this you will see many images that look like your kitty. (I also have one) Remember that even though there are breed standards there is still variation between individual flamepoint himalayans, and there are many born that do not meet ‘show quality’ standards but are purebred nonetheless. Also some are bred to have the extreme squishy faces but some breeders who are just selling for pets go less extreme to avoid breathing problems.

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that is a mixed breed probably part persain part tabby or calico

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Tabby and calico are not breeds, they are color/coat descriptions.

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