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What's the best Christmas present you ever received?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) December 23rd, 2008

Was it your Big Wheel when you were 5, your new Phil Collins and Huey Lewis tapes when you were 15, your Sony Playstation when you were 25, or your “first-kid-on-the-block-to-have-one” 80GB iPod?

What was your favorite gift EVER?

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Last year my daughter was born with alot of medical complications…we were in the hospital, 2 hours away from home,for 10 weeks, I stayed there the whole time and my husband had to come back to work so I only saw him on the weekends… We ended up getting to come home on Dec 20th and that was the best Christmas present ever!

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I got my best present this year actually! (well, not really mine, it’s my family’s…)

We sold our old horse (she was too wild for my little autistic sister to ride) and so we got a new horse this year! His name is Max and he’s a Morgan horse. He’s freaking beautiful and rides very well. He can even pull carts and sleighs! Wicked! Really now, how many of your presents can tote you around in the field in a sleigh! It’s nice because everyone in my family can ride horses, so we can all ride him just fine.

Best present ever!

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Jesus Christ being given to us by our Heavenly Father as our Lord and Savior is my ULITIMATE gift. Hosanna to the highest.

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Oh my god seriously….......... I am going to answer every question with a reference to Jesus???????????

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Too bad you can’t click Great Answer twice lol

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A HUGE box of fresh seafood from Pikes Place fish market, sent overnight for me to eat on Christmas and everyday after, for at least a week. Halibut cheeks, yum…

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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My cat LaBamba. She is awesome.

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I am going to answer every question with a reference to Jesus, yes I am.
If that is a problem to you for glorifying my maker than talk to my maker.
Hold up you will ,...even if you will not want at the end ALL will fall on their knees and say he’s the Lord.
I choose to start from this minute.
Anyways this is a Christ related question so now should I sugar coat it with some irrelavant things? never, ITS NOT ME.

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so wait seVen, i hate to say this, but Chirstmas was actually started as a feast day and not as a relegious holiday.
and if you believe it so, the immaculate conception was when my good friend? DECEMBER 8th. are you telling me that jesus was a premature birth? or would you counter with the fact that he is the son of man and super formed to be ready to be concieved on the 25?
The actual date of his birth should have been August since he was but a normal man and through god and the holy spirit was made divine.

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and the best present i ever received was this laptop.

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The best present I ever received was a plane ticket to see my family in the Midwest.

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The one that made me the most estatic was a hamster when i was about 7. I wanted one so, so bad, and remember talking to him all christmas night, telling him we were now “a team”.

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