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How did Bo Jackson play both Baseball and Football?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) December 24th, 2008

I don’t remember. What did he do in September when both sports were in season?

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Bo Jackson juggled both of them. Bo was a bad ass athlete. Remember the Nike commercials Bo Knows everything pretty much. Bo Jackson was the baddest motherfucker the University of Auburn ever saw on their football team. And he batted and fielded like an orgasm for the Kansas City Royals.

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I know. I know. but how did he play both when they were both in season? Did he wait for the baseball season to be over? Did he just play football on Sunday and not practice?

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He played baseball until the team was eliminated from contention and then he went to football.

One of the highlights of my life reel was being at Comisky Park on opening day and Bo was returning from an injury and he spaked a homerun in the 9th to win the game for the White sox. Mind you this how my mind recalls this memory. I am going to look it up right now and see how close I was.

Thanks for asking a Bo question. He was and always will be one of my all time favorite athletes.

Edit: The homerun was in his first at bat after hip-replacment surgery. It happened on opening day 1993. It was absolutely incredible.

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Not every ball player plays in every game. Taking one day a week off is not uncommon. And Bo wasn’t the only 2-sport athlete. See also: Deon Sanders.

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Only Bo knows…

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What a great question. It inspired me to go to YouTube and find some fun things for y’all. So here’s the famous Bo, you don’t know DIddley! commercial, another Nike commercial. And finally, a 4-min highlight reel with the story of Bo’s football career. I can’t believe how many tackles he broke. Wow. Enjoy.

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he played damn good thats how!

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I remember watching the game against the Bengals when he was hurt. It didn’t look that bad but he killed his hip and his career. He was a real badass on the field and Tecmo Bowl. I know you asked how he juggled baseball and football but I don’t remember.

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