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Why does my cat always want to sleep on or near my head when I am sleeping?

Asked by ava (971points) September 12th, 2007

Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?

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Cats like to snuggle! My old cat used to do this when she was a kitten. Probably thought my hair reminded her of her mother. How old is your cat?

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He is 7, almost 8. That actually makes a lot of sense though!

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We used to have a very fat cat that liked to sleep under my chin (like I need any help with my sleep apnea). Sometimes he would get this odd look on his face that I swear looked like he was contemplating smothering me or ripping my throat out.

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Most cats like to look at your face, especially when you’re sleeping. I think they communicate with your facial expression, as well as your tone of voice. A sleeping human is passive and comforting.

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It may also have something to do with the fact that your head is relatively immobile – they don’t like to be kicked or hit any more than we do. I don’t tend to move in my sleep and the cats sleep all over me. My bedmate tosses and turns….the cats don’t go anywhere near her.

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They say you shd wear a hat in winter because you lose
something like 40 per cent (or 50 per cent or 60 per cent, how would I know?) of your
body heat off the scalp. How very nice for a cat to find a quiet, warm,
hairy, expressive Thing to cuddle up to all night. Who could resist that?

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I’d certainly love to have someone I loved I could just sleep snuggled onto their warm cushiness. I’m not sure they make humans large enough I wouldn’t smother them, and most of the mammals big enough would cause some serious stink issues.

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I have two cats, they are litter mates. When they are being affectionate with one another, they use their head to bump the other or rub against each other. Also, cats put their scents on things with their heads. Which is why they rub against things like doors and wall corners. Anyway, when my cats get next to my head I take it as them expressing affection for me. Also, my breathing when I am asleep could remind them of their mother’s purring when they were kittens. My boy cat loves it when put my face in his neck. He gets really still. It’s so sweet.

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