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How much should I sell a 30gb iPod for that I bought in the spring of '06?

Asked by clairedete (331points) September 12th, 2007

good condition, nothing really wrong with it other than the usual wear and tear of moderate use without a case.

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I would try for $120, which sucks, but they just came out with new ipods and its not right out of the box, so unfortunately it wont have too high of a retail value. I would post on craigslist (which is free, if youve never used it) and see if you get any responses. If not, try lowering the price.

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i would put it up on ebay for a Buy It Now Price of $160 and a starting bid of $111

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Check eBay and craigslist to see what they’re going for on there…

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I agree to look at ebay and amazon to find comparable. However make sure to look at the items ending soon to get an acurate price. I am not positive but I think Apple may have a trade in program.

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I have a 60 gig one for sale. What is it worth? Perfect condition plus accessories.

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