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Why Aren't My Purchases From iTunes Working?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) December 25th, 2008

I have a $25 itunes gift card. I redeemed it no problem, and I downloaded a couple free games. The free games show up on the applications section of my iTunes, and I sync my iPod AND press the button that says “transfer purchases to iPod” or something like that. Anyways the games are not showing up on my iPod 1st generation. So I figured that iTunes ws gonna make me buy something before I could get any free apps, so i attempted to purchase a crash bandacoot game for $5.99. It didnt work, I pressed “buy app” and i entered my password, then confirmed the billing information. Then nothing, it took like 2 sec to finish transfering to my iTunes library, but when i went to look for the game its not on my iPod or iTunes library. Also the amount of money on my iTunes card didnt change, it just stayed the same, $25. Does anyone know how to succesfully buy stuff and transfer it onto their iPods?

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have you checked that the apps are compatible with 1st gen iPod Touch? There’s a chance you’ve picked apps that require the updated version.

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update iTunes, try log off and then log in

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First gen iPod or First gen iPod Touch?

if it’s the former, I’m reasonably sure you’re screwed, games aren’t compatible with the original iPods, and even it they were, there’d be no chance they can play the Crash Bandicoot game…

it should work on the iPod Touch though… make sure all your software is up to date.
Use the Check for update in the Help menu to see if your iTunes need updating, then once that’s done, see if you have all the updates for yout ipod by clicking Check for update in the iPod Sync screen.

if it is the iPod touch 1st Gen, and you haven’t updated, you will need to pay for an update.

best of luck!

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Ok well I went onto iTunes again today and under my downloads it said at the bottom 2 more downloads or something and i pressed it and my movies appeared and they are finishing downloading. False alarm! But I swear that button wassnt there before, I probaably would of seen it…

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@ Bsilver, thanks I figured out my movie problem, and now I understand why I cant get games. Yes my iPod is 1st gen, thats why it wont work i guess. The update is $9.99, dont think im willing to pay for that. Oh well i can live without games.

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