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What is the last thing you expected to get for Christmas?

Asked by rossi_bear (753points) December 25th, 2008

I didn’t expect to get a mother of pearl ring.

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My mother-in-law brought me back a shawl that she bought from a street vendor on her recent trip to Jerusalem. She actually picked out my favorite color, too, which is pretty observant for her.

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My husband home for Christmas.

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a big tube of tootsie rolls

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Snowed in, my family Christmas canceled and waking up this morning alone with no gifts to open!

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Underwear and socks? Again?

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a harmonica! not complaining though…

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on no forestgeek.. sorry to hear that!! :(

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ya soapchef!! congradulations!!!

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the Polish version of Scrabble. My (Polish) girlfriend hinted that her present would be something to do on cold winter nights and that you needed two people for it, so I thought “oh no, not condoms again!”. But she knows how much I love board games so I sort of expected something like Monopoly or Risk or whatever.

We tried playing today but of course my polish vocabulary consists of some 20 words, all misspelt, so she allowed me English ones. At which point of course it was impossible to play because then she had nowhere to stick hers. Not to mention that words like “Xazuqwz” would only get you 5 points or so whereas I got 10 just from “of”. But it was a nice thought anyway :)

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cool gift jack! try googles to see the vocab. words.

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I also have a dictionary but that’s cheating

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true jack.. but f you don’t need the language and she does then you need to study some how to make the game fun for the both of you. :) enjoy!!

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Hey forestgeek, according to the Old Calendar (still used in some areas in Russia) Christmas is in two weeks. And Greeks exchange presents for New Year, since they are brought by St. Basil and not St.Nicholas (whose nameday is on the 6th, but that’s another story).

So I guess all you have to do is convert to Orthodoxy :)

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A drum kit! Too bad my mom put the wrong label on it….

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So much snow. This is the whitest Christmas I’ve ever seen and it’s up to my waist in certain areas, which is extremely rare in the city. And it’s snowing heavily again, as I type this.

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My grandmother’s leopard fur coat from the 1950s.

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my grandma wrapped up double A batteries and gave them to me.
I have no idea why.

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@electric; That’s awesome. I had AA batteries wrapped as a present once, but I was then presented with a Furby hidden in another room. :)

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@asmonet: that reminds me of my friend, last christmas her parents gave her a remote mouse for a computer she didn’t have and then they gave her a new laptop. though there isn’t much to say when you open up double A batteries and they’re your last present, lol.

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There’s a much better gift for girls that takes AA batteries than a Furby.

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Amen to that, Spargett

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why would you want a walkman Spargett? you can pick up a decent mp3 player for next to nothing at the supermarket. And you don’t even need batteries.


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A mouse pad—i dont even own a computer? ( I use my itouch)

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A breakfast tray.

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@@spar: Yeah, not when they’re ten. ;)

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