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Does anyone have any good retrogaming (DOS games to recomend)

Asked by Staalesen (2722points) December 25th, 2008

As it happen, the next week I have a lot of spare time, so I was planning to spend with my belowed DOSBOX macbook… Thing is I just cant think of any good games to play… MY favorites are games like betrayal at krondor or a good and funny buisness sim like transport tycoon…..
but I am pretty all-eating when it comes to good games…

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Chrono Trigger
Secret of Evermore
Earthbound lol
Secret of Mana
Super Mario RPG.
All the beginning Final Fantasy Games

Wiki has an entry for all of those. RPG’s take up a lot of time, maybe you’ll find something you like in there.

Crap, I forgot what DOSBOX was, get an snes emulator. It’s win and there’s tons available. :) Dunno anything I could suggest for dosbox, sorry. :)

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Well…Most of those are already played to death :) Been retrogaming as long as I can remember..:)

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Ah, in that case. :)
Good luck. If you find anything, please share, I’m so sick of Harvest Moon.

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Your list looked like it containe quite a bit of JRPGs So May I sugges Illusion of Gaia :)?

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More into western RPGS… beside I just finished Chrono trigger…. again…

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Chrono Trigger was my first RPG, and I think I’ve beaten it at least a hundred times.

I will never stop playing it.

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by the way, if you’re using dosbox, why not use boxer ? it’s very usefull and super easy

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I am using boxer, best damn frontend/dosbox tool in the world :) even fixed a lot of issues with my old copy of Buzz Aldrins race into space :)

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Out Of This World – One of my all-time favorite games, works on DOSBox

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Sadly again, another well played classic :)

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i was playing Prisoner of Ice and Abuse today, also some Psycho Pinball and Syndicate /Wars, yes, pretty basic classics, but maybe an idea ?

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Wolfenstein 3D

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Bah! Ben beat me to it. Out of this World is the best game ever. Also Delphine’s pseudo-sequel Flashback is amazing. They’re both abandonware, I think. They made a 3D sequel back when 3dfx was just getting started, but it was horrible.

the original Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia II are amazing.

Brøderbund’s Hellcats over the Pacific got me addicted to the entire western theater.

Legends of Kyrandia, and of course Monkey Island I, II and III, (and IV but it’s more a Win95 game) and the original Sam & Max for some of the best writing in video games (Kyrandia is just a pretty good adventure game). If you’re still hankering for more adventure, you could try King’s Quest VI or VII. Finally, for a really interesting adventure game, you could try Jordan Mechner’s spectacular failure The Last Express.

@asmonet: They just released a new Chrono Trigger for the DS. And I think there’s a new Secret of Mana out as well.

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And I don’t know if this falls into it, but Fallout II is a fantastic game as well, though may be a Win95 game.

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@andrew: I am swooning over your Prince of Persia comment. I played the original for days on my mac when I was a kid. God damn that’s a good game.

I knew about the CT release, not the other. I will definitely look that up, a thousand thank you’s.

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who has HARVEST MOON dos?? Please share!! Xx

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You should try places like Abandonia or other abandoware sites :)

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Well, if you’re going for the full retro, you should try Ski or Die.
Or Leisure Suit Larry series link
Another World was also dark and gritty.
With Monkey Island you should have a lots of fun, specially if you like pirates.
Theme park is also one of my favorites ;)...

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