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Does Fluther log you out automatically?

Asked by Jack79 (10984points) December 26th, 2008

since I’m not on a shared computer, I save my name and password so I don’t have to type them in every time. Ever since I joined fluther (just a few days ago) I was able to come straight into my account by finding the site in my “favorites” (using IE7 on a WinXP system). Today I was asked to log in for the first time. Is it like yahoo, where you have to retype the info every 2 weeks?

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if you have saved your password and user name in Firefox, so it will log you in automatically (Fluther doesn’t log you out), but after you did system or firefox history or cookies clean up – it would probably erase info. I’m using roboform to save all my passwords, I don’t recommend to save passwords in browsers – it’s not safe…..

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Any time your computer restarts (either because you did it or it did it on it’s own after automatic updates) you’ll have to log back in.

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Or occasionally, there are random requests to log in, not relating to restarting my iMac.

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If you have your pass saved and set to auto login the only time you will have to login is when something is done to the fluther servers as gail mentioned.

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netxm, I’m using IE, so it probably doesn’t apply anyway. And I did not clean up any cookies today.

Augustlan, what you say does not apply to me, I restart my PC several times a day. I’ve never been asked for my hotmail password even once ever since I set up the machine months ago, I get asked for my yahoo one precicely every two weeks and I only got the request for fluther once today (in the morning, but not now in the evening).

It could be what gail and uber said.

thank you all for your answers :)

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i haven’t had to re-log in since i joined. maybe i visit the site too much for it to forget my information haha

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Sometimes I’m asked to login after my computer has been off for a while, but every now and then I do get the odd login request. I think it’s because I tend to switch networks around a lot, and different friends wireless give me different results.

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It kept me logged in all week once.

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oh man, it made me re log in for the first time ever the other day. i guess i made a typo when logging in, because it said i had the wrong password, and i thought i forgot it or something and freaked out. D:

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