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During this last security up grade (or whatever it was) how many days did it sideline you?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 11th, 2010

This last upgrade or whatever I got sidelined for 4 days, could not log on even with deleting cookies and all that, I was a virtual ghost to my own account. How many days were you denied? While locked out of your account did you have withflutheralls?

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I wasn’t able to sign in on Safari for about 24 hours, but I could sign in on IE without a problem.

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Zero. Internet Explorer worked perfectly. the irony of it all

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Your case was an extremely unfortunate one and I believe the only one that lasted more than a day. I’m truly sorry we locked you out for so long…group hug?

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Not locked out at all. But I do understand the withfurtherall thing. and certainly vote for the @timtrueman group hug.

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Only a couple hours, if that long. Group hug for Tim and all. Using IE.

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ZERO—Had to log-on again but that was it. MAC using Firefox.

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No problems whatsoever on this side.
I feel for @Hypocrisy_Central though, i think i would have seriously considered to end it all.
I mean four days without…

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No problems for me, either.

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I can thank my lucky stars for @augustlan of which I would still be a ghost <big hugs and roses> :-D

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I had no problems at all. With the notices I kept expecting some kind of problem but it never materialized for me.

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Don’t you just dread the first Wednesday morning of the month?

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I was up the country with only my iPhone for company and locked out for a whole day. Serious withdrawal as Auggie and Andrew can attest to. Sorry for bothering you, guys!

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Zero. It logged me off, and my login manager filled in the log on, which I then clicked. That’s it – twice. I use Firefox.

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Ummm.with all those different badges maybe I could have the Rip Van Winkle badge for the most days of forceful sleep? Ummmmm…...... :-}

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I didn’t have any problems of my own, but I certainly had quite a few emails from folks who did! Yours was the toughest one to crack, HC. With @janbb‘s running a close second. I plan on beating those tech boys soundly at the earliest opportunity. ~

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No problems at all for me. (Firefox).

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