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IPhone at Walmart?

Asked by peedub (8703points) December 26th, 2008

Does that fact that I’m bothered by this confirm I’m some sort of elitist? I’ve had the iPhone, both models, since day one. I feel betrayed. Your thoughts, stay with me here.

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no, I am with you on this one. Whenever I see a walmart commercial, I get a little irritated. I despise them to the core.

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Exactly. I hate Walmart but love Apple. The two should never meet.

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Most of the white trash I see shopping at Wal-Mart are there for the $5 DVDs, not the $200 phones.

and I mean that in the nicest way possible

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PnT: Hahaha.

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Come on. WalMart is awful, but the white trash who shop there don’t have a lot of options.
Lighten up. (I had to learn this from a white-trash friend, and I was embarrassed.)

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If I was white trash, I’d be inclined to buy less of something nice versus more of something shitty.

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I’m sure walmart made a lot of little kids happy, whose parents couldn’t afford more this year.

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Wal-Mart is a necessary evil.

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I felt the same way about apple and walmart.
I do not think human beings whould be called “white trash.” god does not make “trash.”

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What?? iPhone at Wal-Mart? When did that happen? Is Wal-Mart able to activate the phone with service?? I am confused.

But, Apple and Wal-Mart have always done business. One has been able to buy iPods there for awhile. I thought, though, that the iPhone was like an exclusive AT&T and Apple thing. Oh well.

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Wal*Mart is an evil, predator corporation and there should be a special place in Hell for Sam Walton because of the shameful labor and business practices he incorporated into his company.

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Edit: predatory

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haha i am actually pretty annoyed when i see something i really like at a store i hate.
but as much as walmart sucks and is a horrible corporation, yada yada, does anyone really research other corporations? because while i do feel a twinge of guilt on the odd occasion that i go to walmart, i bet a lot of the stores i go to have similar, but less publicized, horrible values.

also, if it’s gonna make apple more money to go to more stores, i don’t think they care how horrible walmart is. that’s kind of something to think about.

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@cdwccrn: if there is no god, then is it ok if people make trash?

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@dave: people can make trash and people can make babies, but people should not call babies “trash.” ( even if the babies are grown and act like, well, you know).

And, I am certain there is a God.

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All right, I give up. I have tried and tried to defend Wal Mart, but this is just too much.

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